Northwood Rail Transit Commission

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Regional economic leaders are asking the federal government to keep 49 miles of rail lines in place from Rhinelander to Goodman.

In a letter to the Surface Transportation Board, Wisconsin Central LTD. is asking to change the status of the line from 'out of service' to 'discontinued'.

Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Roger Luce says while seemingly a small change is status, it could have long term consequences..

A group of Northwoods and Upper Peninsula counties have been working for years to keep or upgrade critical freight rail service in the region. A key grant program from which the group sought funding are among the cuts proposed by President Trump in his budget request to Congress

The Northwoods Rail Transit Commission is composed of 22 counties. Twice they've tried for what are known as TIGER grants, or Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grants to fund infrastructure.

Wendy Gehlhoff from Florece county chairs the Commission...

Walker Considering Options for Road Funding

Jul 30, 2014

Governor Scott Walker says he’s still looking at options for how to fund the state’s roadways long term. 

Stopping in Minocqua Wednesday, Walker said it’s clear that there needs to be a new solution. 

“The gas tax is really not sustainable.  As more and more vehicles get better miles, the number of gallons of gas purchased has gone down substantially while the vehicle miles are the same or more, so the wear and tear is greater, even while the number of gallons of gas purchased is less.”

The state's top Transportation official says there isn't much the state can do when private firms decide to abandon rail line.

Secretary Mark Gottlieb was asked by members of the Northwooods Rail Transit Commission meeting in Rhinelander Friday to outline what can be done to halt, for example, the abandonment of the Canadian National railway line between Crandon and Argonne. He says since the railroads were deregulated, it becomes a private business choice...

Three Michigan counties have joined the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission, Wisconsin's largest Rail Transit group.

Iron, Ontonagon and Dickinson counties join 12 central and northern Wisconsin counties to promote more rail service here. Canadian National provides the service.

Wendy Gehlhoff from Florence County is the group's chairperson....