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43 United Ways in Wisconsin are beginning their fall fundraising push, and the Northwoods United Way has set an ambitious goal.

Executive Director Nancy Sattler says the money raised in the Northwoods stays here to help local people...

"....we focus on things like education, income and health. As we always say, 'we always win collectively when one person succeeds in school, or when a family is financially stable and when people are in good health...."

Sattler says they have set an ambitious goal...

The Northwoods United Way is seeking human care agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties who are looking for funding. Executive Director Nancy Sattler says they want to talk to agencies meeting certain criteria...

It's crunch time for the Northwoods United Way. The drive to raise the money needed fund human service programs in the Northwoods concludes in a few weeks.

Nancy Sattler is the interim Director. She says they are aiming at a $210,000 goal. The United Way serves agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties.

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The Northwoods United Way has announced the resignation of it's long-time Executive Director Tracy Beckman. The organization began in 1976 and Beckman has been the only Executive Director. Beckman has accepted a position with Northwoods Saves.

The Northwoods United Way board has hired Nancy Sattler as it's interim Executive Director.

The Northwoods United Way funds human service agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties.