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The Northwoods United Way has set an ambitious goal as it begins it's fall fundraising campaign, and leaders think the goal is within reach.

Rhinelander Mayor Dick Johns read a proclamation...

"...whereas, the Northwoods United Way, with the assistance of community partners is committed to raising $165,000 for 2018. That's quite a goal to shoot for....."

Northwoods United Way Board President Brian Fritz stood in front of the thermometer at the corner of Stevens and Davenport Street with the goal behind him...

School starts in about 8 weeks, but the Northwoods United Way is hoping local businesses and individuals get going on a promotion to help needy kids get school supplies.

The 'Stuff The Bus' event is set for last August at WalMart in Rhinelander.

Northwoods United Way Director Nancy Sattler says between then and now, she would like to see the community begin organizing competitions to help local kids...

Northwoods United Way

The Northwoods United Way is asking for proposals for 2018 funding in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties.

The Northwoods United Way helps fund agencies that provide programming in providing basic needs and self sufficiency, promoting health, healing and crisis intervention and strengthening children, youth and families.

Director Nancy Sattler says currently funded agencies and potential new recipients go through the process the same way...

Northwoods United Way

The Northwoods United Way is close to it's annual giving goal and they're hoping a few more contributors come forward to help. Director Nancy Sattler...

"....we just completed our drive for 2016 and we came very close to meeting our goal. We're at 95 percent of what we had hoped to raise. There's still opportunity to give to the campaign. This year we are supporting 28 different agencies throughout Forest, Oneida and Vilas counties. We can always use your help in meeting our goal.."

The original drive goal was $165, 000.

United Way of Wisconsin

United Way of Wisconsin published a report this week detailing how many Wisconsinites are having a tough time making ends meet.

The survey used the term ALICE, an acronym which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, discussing people who work hard, earn above the federal poverty level, but not enough to afford a basic household budget.

Executive Director Charlene Mouille outlines the report...

School District of Rhinelander

A recent effort to get school supplies to kids in need has proven to be such a success promoters would like to double it next year.

The Northwoods United Way 'Stuff the Bus' was held at the Rhinelander WalMart.

United Way Executive Director Nancy Sattler says the idea was for shoppers to buy an extra school item and donate it...

"....we parked the bus outside and had a banner on it We were encouraging people through the banner and other advertising....when they buy school supplies, they buy two and give one to the bus...."

As summer winds down parents are scrambling to find the best deals on school supplies, but some Northwoods families are struggling to afford even the most basic items.

The Northwoods United Way is sponsoring a Stuff the Bus event at the Rhinelander Walmart to help local families prepare for the upcoming school year. Director of the Northwoods United Way, Nancy Sattler hopes to get the community and local businesses involved.


United Way

The Northwoods United Way is beginning its review of where to fund agencies for 2017 and would like to hear from agencies in its service area interested in funding criteria.

Executive Director Nancy Sattler says the agencies need to be either a government, tribal, or non-profit agency in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties...

United Way

The Northwoods United Way has set an ambitious goal of $168,000 this fundraising season and they need a few more donors to step forward soon.

Executive Director Nancy Sattler says they've received some generous pledges so far, but as of this week, they are about 20 percent short of their goal with time drawing to a close. Sattler says they support 26 agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties and would like to fully fund all of them if they have enough funding...

United Way

A board member of Northwoods United Way is encouraging qualifying agencies in Forest county to contact the Northwoods United Way for funding this spring.

Stacey Jameson represents Forest county...

"....agencies in Forest county will once again have the opportunity to apply for funding in the spring. If they want information on applying for funding they should contact the Executive Director, Nancy Sattler, at 715-369-0440...."

United Way logo from

43 United Ways in Wisconsin are beginning their fall fundraising push, and the Northwoods United Way has set an ambitious goal.

Executive Director Nancy Sattler says the money raised in the Northwoods stays here to help local people...

"....we focus on things like education, income and health. As we always say, 'we always win collectively when one person succeeds in school, or when a family is financially stable and when people are in good health...."

Sattler says they have set an ambitious goal...

The Northwoods United Way is seeking human care agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties who are looking for funding. Executive Director Nancy Sattler says they want to talk to agencies meeting certain criteria...

It's crunch time for the Northwoods United Way. The drive to raise the money needed fund human service programs in the Northwoods concludes in a few weeks.

Nancy Sattler is the interim Director. She says they are aiming at a $210,000 goal. The United Way serves agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties.

United Way

The Northwoods United Way has announced the resignation of it's long-time Executive Director Tracy Beckman. The organization began in 1976 and Beckman has been the only Executive Director. Beckman has accepted a position with Northwoods Saves.

The Northwoods United Way board has hired Nancy Sattler as it's interim Executive Director.

The Northwoods United Way funds human service agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties.