Oneida County Board of Supervisors

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The Oneida County Law Enforcement Center is showing enough age that the county board this week had to act to prevent significant damage at the facility. The board authorized an emergency payment of $120,000 to replace large water heaters used at the jail.

Facilities Director Lu Ann Brunette says the center has three 500 gallon, 1 million BTU hot water heaters, including showers, laundry and kitchen. She says there's been a problem.. Christ H. Tegen

Safety has risen to the top of the priority list in Oneida County.

At Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Chair David Hintz said there have been two serious  safety-related claims made in the past few years. A sheriff's deputy was injured on the job, as was a highway worker. Hintz says the deputy eventually returned to work, but the highway worker has not returned to work.

Hintz says those incidents resulted in the county paying more for Worker's  Compensation...


An effort in Oneida county to give young people exposure to the world of government has gotten a renewal.

The program "Teens Active In Government", or TAG, has a new group of high schoolers sitting in on Oneida County board meetings. Oneida County UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator Lynn Feldman says besides students from Oneida county high schools sitting in on the county board meetings, students also sit in on Rhinelander city council committee meetings.

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A decision is likely to be made next month whether a well-known lake west of Rhinelander will have its own lake district.

Oneida County Conservation and UW-Extension committee chair Bob Mott discusses the Squash Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, saying a petition was received last November and a public hearing was held on December 3....

".....I think 60 attended the meeting all together. Of the 32 who spoke, 20 something were in favor and 7 against the petition...."

Oneida County District Attorney Michael Schiek recently fined a committee chair and also mandated open meetings training for the full Oneida County Board.

The Lakeland Times filed an open meetings complaint against the Labor Relations and Employee Services committee for allegedly talking about items that were not posted on the meeting agenda.

The Lakeland Times reported Committee Chair Ted Cushing had to pay a $25 fine and every county board member was mandated to attend seminar on open meeting.

One way to determine if the economy is improving is to check the number of permits being taken out for construction.

In Oneida county, 2015 numbers in some categories showed an increase, says Planning and Zoning Director Karl Jenrich. During the recession, construction permits dropped, as did revenue, but last year, the department saw an increase...

Oneida County Counters Newbold's Offer for County Land

Aug 20, 2015

  The Town of Newbold’s initial offer on a piece of county land was countered by the Oneida County Board of Supervisors this week. The Town of Newbold made an offer of $8,000 on a parcel of county land in hopes to expand their 9-hole disc golf course to an 18-hole course with a hiking trail. However, Oneida County is offering $15,000 for the lot. The Town of Newbold Chairperson Dave Kroll says the town board is setting a time for the electors meeting to discuss the purchase.

Getting to youthful behavior problems before a child has to be sent away to Lincoln Hills has proven to be a success. That assessment from Mary Rideout, Director of Oneida County Social Services. In a report to the county board Tuesday, Rideout says it costs Oneida county about $250 dollars a day to place a youth at the Lincoln Hills School near Irma.

She says a year ago, Social Services began Coordinated Service Teams to work more intensively with at-risk youth. She says family and counselors and others sit together to work up a plan for the child...

A better revenue picture helped Oneida county supervisors put together a 2015 budget at the first night meeting held by the board in many years. But it all didn't go smoothly.

The public is invited to the Oneida county courthouse next week to find out how county government works, then watch it in action.

The Oneida county board is hosting it's annual budget meeting next Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. at the courthouse in Rhinelander. This is a change from other years with a night meeting scheduled. There have been three votes to hold more county meetings at night, and this will be the first.

Oneida County Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond will tell Oneida County Board this morning about the latest information regarding the state's open meetings and open records laws.

While the legislature exempts itself from some of the provisions, it passed a strict law forcing local governments to conform to public notification of meetings and records requests.

Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond says the goal is to make sure the board complies with the law. He says they have many new members this year and wants to make sure they understand the law...

The Oneida County committee considering having a person talk before the full county board about the possibility of the Lynne mine said no yesterday.

County residents can help determine when the Oneida county board holds its meetings.

Recently,  the board directed a committee and UW-Extension to put together a survey to help resolve an ongoing debate about meeting times. Twice in the last several months resolutions came to the floor to alter the standard meeting time of 9:30 a.m on the third Tuesday to a later time.

Oneida County UW-Extension agent Tim Brown says some would like to see later in the day meetings...

Kwik Trip is in the process of opening a location on Rhinelander's east side and apparently they are eyeing a large location on the city's west side.

Oneida County Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond says the county has been approached by Kwik Trip to buy the land along Kemp Street-Highway 8 west now used by the county highway department. He says they've been talking to Kwik Trip for about a year....

Two Oneida county board supervisors have filed ethics complaints against a third supervisor.

The Northwoods River News is reporting supervisors Ted Cushing and Lance Krolczyk filed the complaints against fellow supervisor Jack Sorenson.

At the May meeting, Sorenson made sharply critical comments about campaign flyers distributed in four districts prior to the last county elections.