Oneida County Department on Aging

A need to find workers who can go to homes of seniors who need some care is the motivation for free classes going on in Rhinelander through May.

The College of the Menominee Nation and the Oneida County Health Department are sponsoring the Home Health Care sessions.

College spokesperson Debra Norton says they're offering a three-credit college personal care workers course. She says they found a need in the Northwoods for this type of training...

The county boards in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties will soon vote whether to form a Transit Commission in the Northwoods. It could mean more transportation options for all citizens.

Oneida County Department on Aging Director Dianne Jacobson says the three county departments  have had transportation for elderly and disabled citizens for many years. But a Transit Commission could be grant funded and provide rides for anyone.

Jacobson says after years of discussion, action could happen next month...


Much was debated in Congress about mandatory across the board  budget cuts called sequestration. The impacts the federal sequester made in areas such as air traffic controllers and military bands were widely reported,  but the  cuts are having an impact on meals delivered to senior citizens.  

Ken Krall talks with Dianne Jacobson, the Director of the Oneida County Department on Aging about tough times for the Senior Nutrition Program.

Oneida County Department on Aging Director Dianne Jacobson. More information is available at the office in Rhinelander.