Oneida County Humane Society

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The Oneida County Humane Society has begun a major push toward an expansion of its facilities on Rhinelander's north side.

Earlier this week the group broke ground on the expanded facility.

Humane Society treasurer Sue Otis said there was a great deal of excitement as the project finally got underway after a delay due to weather... PaulM

The first snow of the season is also a reminder to pet owners that cold weather affects our pets too...

"....people with pets should remember if it's too cold outside for them, it's probably too cold outside for their pets. Just because pets have fur does not mean they don't get cold. Animals are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as we are..."

That's Oneida County Humane Society Assistant Director Karen Norling.

She has other tips you can do to keep animals from the effects of the cold....

The key fundraiser for the Oneida County Humane Society is this weekend in Three Lakes.

The annual "Furball" event coordinator is Humane Society treasurer Sue Otis. She says this is the fourth annual event....

"....the Furball is the Humane Society's biggest fundraiser that we do every yearm this is our fourth annual. We have music, we have a program, lots of nice raffle items, auction items, both silent and live.. This year we are doing a family-style dinner....."

Otis says the event helps them serve the animals brought in...

39 dogs have been removed from a town of Sugar Camp animal rescue facility.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department reports removing the dogs from the "It Matters To One" Animal Rescue.

The removal of the dogs was in response to an investigation involving the Oneida County Humane Society, the Department of Agriculture, the Oneida County Health Department, and the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. Past employees, volunteers, and citizens who have adopted or considered adopting had shared information about alleged neglect to the dogs.


Last month, the Oneida County Humane Society announced an ambitious plan to expand the county shelter on north Stevens Street in Rhinelander. Estimated costs were in the $500,000 range. Two anonymous donations are moving the project closer to reality.

Treasurer Sue Otis details what has come in since the announcement December 13....

Ken Krall WXPR

Making enough room for animals seeking adoption and the public is the goal of the Oneida County Humane Society's announcement Tuesday to upgrade their facility.

In 2015, the Petco Foundation gave them a $100,000 grant.

Board member Sue Otis says they decided to use that grant, and other money they have to upgrade the cramped facility on Rhinelander's north side....

" we are announcing our extensive remodeling and addition, and our capital campaign to bring those designs to fruition...."

Gifting a pet this holiday season takes more thought than simply getting the animal and giving to an unsuspecting recipient.

Oneida County Humane Society Assistant Director Karen Norling says there are things to consider before giving a pet as a gift...

" this a wanted pet? Giving a pet is giving a responsibility You're not just giving them something cute and fuzzy, you're giving them a lifetime commitment. It's not something that you spring on somebody, it takes a lot of thought...."

The Langlade County Humane Society has picked up a $35,000 grant from Petco Foundation to help improve the group's shelter.

President of the Langlade County Humane Society Board, Bob Zoretich says the grant will help the animals...

"....when volunteers and staff work so hard to take care of the animals for our county and the Northwoods, to be rewarded for all that hard work...."

Oneida County Humane Society

A spokesperson for the Oneida County Humane Society is hoping the county will consider raising the dog license fee to help pay for the shelter's work.

The county has agreed to pay $40,000 to the group to work with the many animal control issues. The county and city of Rhinelander contract with the group to care for animals.

The Oneida County Humane Society has received a $100,000 grant from the Petco Foundation.

The grant was announced Saturday evening during the Humane Society's "Furball" event in Minocqua.

 Petco acquired Drs. Foster and Smith in Rhinelander in  February. The President of the Petco Foundation, Charlie Piscitello, made the announcement during the fundraiser.

Foster and Smith spokesperson Gordon Magee says the Foundation wants to invest in the region given the acquisition of Foster and Smith... -

A leader at a local pet adoption facility says you should talk things through with someone before offering to gift a pet at Christmas.

Karen Norling is the Assistant Director of the Oneida County Human Society whose pet adoption center is in Rhinelander....

"...if you're considering giving a pet as a gift, you should make sure that everyone is actually looking for a pet they would like to keep. This time of year, after Christmas, a lot of animals are surrendered because because they were unwanted gifts...."

Giving a pet as a holiday gift could result in a problem if the person getting the animal hasn't approved it.

Oneida County Humane Society Director Bria Swartout talked with Ken Krall about giving pets as gifts.

Experts ask anyone thinking of giving a pet as a gift to remember it will be a 10 to 15 year commitment to the animal.

Cats Crowd Humane Society

Nov 21, 2013
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

The Oneida County Humane Society has too many cats.  It’s running a discount on adopting adult cats to try and get some of them into homes before the holidays. 

“We come in at about eight in the morning, give them their canned food treat…”

Director Bria Swartout leads me into the humane society’s cat community room, where about sixty cats of all colors and sizes share space.  About thirty more are down the hall, being checked in or getting medical care.  Swartout says the shelter has been over capacity since May.

Pete Markham

Oneida County Humane Society is hosting an event to show how dogs and cats given a second chance can become good pets and maybe get adopted. 

The program is in conjunction with the McNaughton Correction Center in Lake Tomahawk. Organizer Maggie Hogan talks to News Director Ken Krall about the program.