Rhinelander deer hunt


Feeding deer within the city of limits of Eagle River is banned, and city officials hope the public heeds the law. The Common Council recently discussed the increasingly tame deer herd within the city limits. Mayor Jeff Hyslop says he wants to remind residents of the ban and hopes they self-enforce the rule. He says there are also additional measures being taken...

"....we do have a feeding ban for deer. We're also continuing the annual hunt within the city to reduce the population where it is possible. At this point we're just going to carry forward and see where that goes...."


If the city council approves next week, Rhinelander will have a bow-and-arrow deer hunt this year.

After a rise in the number of deer living within the Rhinelander city limits caused traffic problems and property damage, the city council  and police department nearly a decade ago set up a procedure  to thin the herd.

Early hunts proved successful, but by 2013, with fewer numbers, the hunt was called off.

But Mayor Dick Johns thinks it will return this year...


After several successful years, Rhinelander's city council decided not to hold an in-city bow hunt for deer this year. But if a bill circulating in Madison becomes law, the city might have to open a hunt again.

City council member Alex Young says Assembly Bill 8 allows for bow and arrow and crossbow hunting within city limits statewide. Young says Rhinelander has set forward restrictions during its hunts that aren't in the state bill. He says the bill preempts local restrictions..



No deer hunt in the city of Rhinelander this year. Last week a city committee recommended that the hunt not take place this year.

The deer find Rhinelander to be hospitable with plenty of cover, gardens and flowers to eat, and few predators. They also proved to be a traffic hazard with several car-deer accidents reported. The city council approved the first antlerless, in-city, bow-and-arrow hunt in 2006, and it has been held most years since then.