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The Salvation Army's Red Kettle fundraiser raised about $33,000 this holiday season.

Kettle Campaign Coordinator Kim Swisher says while the goal was $40,000, many positives resulted from the campaign...

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You've seen the bell ringers out at spots around the Northwoods, but the Rhinelander Salvation Army effort needs more volunteers to staff bell ringing times and generate more donations.

Field Representative Tom Bremer says the donations help local residents in dire need....

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Across the nation, the familiar sounds of bells ringing are beginning as the Salvation Army launches the Red Kettle campaigns. The campaigns raise money for local relief efforts.

In the Rhinelander area, Kim Swisher is coordinating the campaign. WXPR's Ken Krall talked with Swisher about Rhinelander-area efforts...

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Depending on where you live, the donations to the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign were either great, near the same,  or slightly off this year.

Field Representative Tom Bremer says last year's weather led to great fundraising, but this year the weather wasn't as good...

"....in Rhinelander we were down about $8,000 to get to our final totals and we have about a week to do that. In Vilas county, in the Eagle River area we set a new record of $64,000. That's the first time we broke that mark. The Merrill area went up $5,000. That's a new record for them...."

Salvation Army

They're off to a good start, but more help is needed as the Salvation Army bell ringers are out hoping the public contributes to help others in need.

Rhinelander area bell ringing coordinator is Kim Swisher. She says they have an ambitious goal....

".....our goal this year is the same as last year which is $40,000 and as of December 2nd in the morning we were only at $13,400. I hope people can give whateve they can give, pennies, dimes, dollars and twenties. Whatever you can share will be gratefully appreciated....."


After all the donations have been counted, the Rhinelander Salvation Army raised just under $35,000 leading up to Christmas, exceeding their planned goal.

Kettle Campaign Coordinator Kim Swisher says she was very happy with the response from the public....

"....to know that we exceeded our goal since the first time I've been involved has been amazing. I knew our community was generous, but I didn't realize until I saw the totals how our community stepped up and came out and helped us...."


As the holidays approach, the Salvation Army's Bell Ringers will be at shopping centers near you hoping to raise the money to help the neediest people in our communities.

In Rhinelander, Kettle Campaign Coordinator Kim Swisher talked with Ken Krall about the efforts here...

A link for more information is  here.


The Salvation Army's  Red Kettle bell ringers have arrived for another year. The volunteers ring bells at retail outlets to raise money for the Salvation Army's relief efforts.

Rhinelander area coordinator Kim Swisher says they started earlier than normal this year in the hope of not facing cold weather, but that hasn't proven to be the case. She says the money stays locally, and the need has risen...

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Bell ringers for the Salvation Army faced brutal temperatures this year to raise money for local charitable needs. Ken Krall talked with Kim Swisher, a coordinator for the Rhinelander area efforts, about the results of this year's campaign.  

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November and December is a big time for shopping.  It’s also a critical time for people who need assistance. The Rhinelander Salvation Army is seeking bell-ringers to stand outside big stores and collect donations. 

WXPR’s Ken Krall sat down with coordinator Kim Swisher.

 Swisher says 86 cents out of every dollar goes to help needy families in Rhinelander.