School of the Arts at Rhinelander

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After a restart last year, ArtStart in Rhinelander is announcing an expanded School of the Arts will return this fall.

The school had been the effort of each summer in Rhinelander of UW-Madison for more than 50 years, but was canceled by the Continuing Studies program in November of 2016. After a year of no School of the Arts, ArtStart revived the program under a different format last year and will offer a four-day program this September.

Daryl Youngstrum

A meeting last week in Rhinelander has put energy into a movement to revive the cancelled School of the Arts at Rhinelander.

The announcement came late last year of UW-Madison's withdrawl from the program that began in Rhinelander in 1964.

UW Madison Continuing Studies

There will be no more School of the Arts at Rhinelander.

The once week-long event has been a key part of the Northwoods summer landscape for 52 years. UW-Madison School of Continuing Studies...the key sponsor... let stakeholders know of the decision this week. The school began in 1964 by UW Professor Robert Gard as a way to bring arts and culture to rural Wisconsin. People from many different areas converged in Rhinelander each July to learn from artists active in the field.

Daryl Youngstrum

James Williams Middle School in Rhinelander was buzzing Friday(7/17)  as the School of the Arts at Rhinelander begins.

This is the 52 year for the program, originating the UW-Madison Continuing Studies department. The school brings together writers, musicians, photographers and artists of all types each summer in Rhinelander.

This year they went to a weekend format in the hopes of bringing in more people able to stay for a shorter period of time.

Tune in to WXPR's Northwoods Cafe Thursday, July 16th, at 7 pm for a live broadcast performance with Wade Fernandez.

School of the Arts returns to Rhinelander July 17. Each year the Northwoods chapter of the American Association of University Women hold a book sale to raise money to help pay for education.

AAUW spokesperson Joan Belongia  talks about the sale...

"....proceeds go toward area scholarships. I know we have five local people receiving scholarships. We're really for advancing equity for women and girls...."

U-W Madison Continuing Studies

The 52nd School of the Arts at Rhinelander is taking registrations, and leaders are saying they have another full program this summer.

School of the Arts Director Lynn Tarnoff says the school will be back the third weekend in July. Last year they adopted a weekend format instead of a full week to see if more people were available to attend and this year the school will be held July 17-19. Tarnoff says there are 40 different classes and workshops to choose from....


UW-Madison Continuing Studies

While much of this week is dedicated to the Hodag Country Festival, in less than two weeks, another multi-day event begins in Rhinelander.

The 51st School of the Arts at Rhinelander begins July 19 through the 23rd at James Williams Middle School. It's sponsored by the UW-Madison Continuing Studies Department.

The school is open to anyone with an interest in writing, music,  performing, cooking, spiritual enhancement, painting,  and other arts.

Director Lynn Tarnoff says they too have some headliners...

Daryl Youngstrum

July 19-23 the much anticipated annual event "The School of the Arts at Rhinelander". The event passed a half-century last year. Director Lynn Tarnoff and Ken Krall  chatted about some of the offerings this year...

Lynn Tarnoff of the UW- Madison Continuing Education Department and Director of the School of the Arts at Rhinelander. The school is July 19-23 at James Williams Middle School. More information is available on line at   or catalogs are available at the Rhinelander District Library.

Registration Opens for School of the Arts

Feb 9, 2014
Matthew Rethaber / WXPR News

Summer might feel far away, but organizers of School of the Arts Rhinelander are already looking ahead to this July's programming. 

The 51st year of the program will offer five days of art workshops at a Rhinelander middle school. 

Director Lynn Tarnoff says registration is open for more than 50 courses.

“And we have five different tracks for people to take.  We have scheduling that is weekend-only, and scheduling that can be Saturday through Wednesday.”

School of the Arts: Many Hands and Much Work

Aug 23, 2013
Matthew Rethaber / WXPR News

Each summer Rhinelander gets hit with what amounts to an explosion of creativity: School of the Arts Rhinelander sets up camp for five days in a local middle school, and holds a slew of art classes for adults.  2013 marked the program's 50th anniversary.

Even though more than half of the 150 students enrolled in School of the Arts are newcomers, it’s not hard to spot the longtime attendees.  They’re wearing nametags with colored ribbons to indicate their veteran status. Lee Densmore sports a tag marking 15 years.  He’s here for a poetry class.

Transforming a Middle School - Temporarily

Jul 22, 2013

School of the Arts Rhinelander is still underway; it wraps up on Wednesday.  The five-day art school for adults takes place at the James Williams middle school, where the cafeteria and dozens of classrooms undergo a big changeover – practically overnight.  School of the Arts Facilities Manager Beth Bloom says it’s not an easy task.  She hires a team of 9 high school students to help with the shuffle. 

Registration Still Open for Upcoming School of the Arts

Jul 8, 2013
Liana Kyle

It’s almost the time of year for School of the Arts Rhinelander.  That’s when the University of Wisconsin Madison Continuing Studies sets up a five-day art school for adults in a Rhinelander middle school. 

Director Lynn Tarnoff says she and staff are getting ready to haul at least one van full of supplies from Madison. 

“Actually make that two vans.  And one of them’s been upgraded to a pick up truck with a car top carrier.”

UW-Madison School Of The Arts

It's the golden anniversary year for School of the Arts at Rhinelander and special events are planned. The school runs this year from Saturday, July 20 through Wednesday, July 24 at James Williams Middle School in Rhinelander.

Director Lynn Tarnoff says the 50th anniversary has a number of events..