Senator Janet Bewley

Even though Governor Walker has signed a new two-year budget, Democrats are hoping to keep upping the amount of help small rural schools receive from the state in what is known as sparcity aid.

This fund is an extra pool of money beyond usual state coffers to help small rural districts who have small enrollments.

State Senator Janet Bewley of the Ashland area, whose district includes parts of Vilas and Price counties says proposals for more money for lower spending school districts and just a higher sparcity aid package failed to get into the budget...

A Northwoods state Senate Democrat says there are some points of agreement with the Walker Administration concerning the economy, but differences remain.

Janet Bewley of Mason was at the the Northern Wisconsin Economic Development Summit last week in Minocqua. She reacted to a speech given by Governor Scott Walker where Walker outlined a need for rapid development of high speed internet in the Northwoods...

Bewley For Senate

A Northwoods Democrat is blasting an extraordinary session of the State Senate late last Friday that she says did little or nothing for the people of the north.

Democratic Senator Janet Bewley says legislation making it easier to bring more money into political campaigns does little to help most people..

"... What that does is put into play constant competition to raise more money, more money, more money...."

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides preventive health screening services to women with little or no health insurance coverage. Well Woman pays for mammograms, Pap tests, certain other health screenings. While the program continues, state officials moved make changes, they say, resulting from Obamacare that enabled a regional, rather than county, approach. The program changed July 1.

While Northwoods Republicans last week praised the Joint Finance Committee putting more money to fund public education, a Northwoods Democrat says there's more to the story.

Reaction Continues After Walker Budget Address

Feb 4, 2015

Opposition grew  to the governor's budget proposal to borrow one-point-three billion dollars for highway projects, instead of raising taxes-and-fees for them.  Speaker Robin Vos repeated his concerns about building up the state's debt.  Still, Vos said new money has to be found to pay for necessary roads.  Hazelhurst Senator Tom Tiffany said the transportation funding plan gives him the "biggest heartburn" of anything in the two-year, 68-billion dollar budget.