Solar power

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We told you yesterday about an offer from the Rhinelander District Library to give away viewing goggles for the upcoming solar eclipse.

If you waited, you're too late.

A meeting is set for Saturday in Mercer to discuss the possibility of putting solar panels on the Mercer Library as a demonstration to see how a system works for the community.

Wendy Thiede says the Friends of the Mercer Library have been discussing the idea of installing a demonstration system on the roof of the library. She said they got prices for a project, then paused, hoping to get more information.

They decided to bring in an expert to help...

Last week the Solar Foundation released the national and state-by-state results of its annual “Solar Jobs Census" with Wisconsin showing solid growth in the industry.

Wisconsin’s solar industry employs 2,813 workers according to the Census, across installation, manufacturing, sales and distribution, project development, and related sector employment.

The Census reported 45% growth in Wisconsin solar over 2015 numbers (1,941 jobs), after showing little growth the past two years.

Wisconsin Trails Midwest In Solar Development

Dec 20, 2016
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Strides are being made in the Midwest when it comes to renewable energy, but there's still lots of room for improvement.

Illinois is being praised for last month's passage of the Future Energy Jobs Bill, with some calling it the most important climate bill in state history. Attorney Brad Klein with the Environmental Law and Policy Center hopes other Midwestern states will follow the lead.

He said the legislation will lead to huge growth in solar and wind technology, combat climate change, create jobs and lower utility bills.