Speakers Task Force On Rural Schools


Several Northwoods school districts will be getting some extra money for the upcoming school year.

The Department of Public Instruction announced the allocation of sparcity aid. That aid is given to smaller districts says DPI spokesperson Tom McCarthy...

"....sparcity aid is a special aid paid to students with a low number of students per square mile and a low overall enrollment. It's a reflection of a fact that school districts with a smaller number of students have unique fiscal challenges....."


Roughly half of Wisconsin's students live in rural areas, going to schools that are increasingly in need of cash to meet needs.

A Department of Public Instruction official says it appears Governor Walker's upcoming budget will give some fiscal relief to districts in some areas, but not all the information is available.

DPI spokesperson John Johnson says two areas, sparsity aid and transportation, appear to be  recommended for more funding. Sparsity aid is sent to school districts with wide geographic areas to help pay for increased costs...


Voters in the White Lake school district will go to the polls in April to decide whether to extend school district operating funds.

The Langlade county district is ending a three year approval to spend $200,000 over state limits, and District Administrator Bill Fisher says a similar request will be on the ballot...


"....the (White Lake) board approved going to a referendum for non-recurring purposes, $250,000 per year for three years for the purposes of maintaining basic programs...."