Stephanie Klett

Wisconsin Dept. of Tourism

Lots of folks are driving to the Northwoods to vacation.

That's the word from state Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett. This week is set aside to focus on tourism and Klett focused on Oneida county as one example of more tourist spending... 


The members of the Oneida County Tourism Council have picked up a state Joint Effort Marketing grant to find out more information about why tourists come and stay here.

On hand at the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce was Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett to present a check for more than $39,000....

Wi. Dept. of Tourism

As temperatures turn cooler and colored leaves begin to replace the green ones, the state Department of Tourism begins to promote its fall color report.

Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula are among the nation's premier fall color areas.

Next, Ken Krall talks with state Tourism Deputy Secretary Sarah Klavas about the departments fall color website and the many things in the north that brings tourists back one more time....

The website is to find the color report.

Dept. of Tourism

Wisconsin's Tourism Secretary says officials should never ignore the impact tourism has on Wisconsin's economy, especially here in the Northwoods.

During an interview with WXPR, Stephanie Klett said tourism had a record-breaking $20 billion impact in 2016, up about 3 percent from 2015...

"....a lot of times the tendency is to think of tourism as fun and maybe a little bit frivolous. Yes, it is fun, but frivolous it is not. There are 193,500 people working in Wisconsin because of tourism. It really is a win-win for Wisconsin...."

Mother Nature has to do her part as residents and travelers anticipate this year's fall color display in the 40 percent of Wisconsin that is covered by trees.

Eagerly awaiting fall is Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett. She says fall travel in Wisconsin is a bargain...

"....for me, fall is a value. Of course it's stunning, it's gorgeous, there are fewer crowds because kids are back at school. It's the second most popular time to travel the state...."

Klett says one of the favorite places to see fall colors isn't far away....

How to Plan for Your Perfect Fall Get Away

Sep 7, 2015

 Wisconsin is known for its fall colors, and according to the Department of Tourism fall is the second most popular time to travel around the state. Director Stephanie Klett says following the fall color report is important for travelers to properly plan for their fall get away.

 “…It will not only tell you what percentage that city is in terms of fall colors if it’s at 25 % or 50 % or that it’s a full week away from peak, it will let you know what’s going on that weekend; what festivals  or events, where you can stay, and where you can eat.”

Klett Gives JEM Grant For White Deer Triatholon

May 15, 2015
Eric Johnson

Wisconsin Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett was in Boulder Junction on Thursday, May 14th to present a $21,500 Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant check to Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce officials in support of marketing efforts promoting the Chamber’s inaugural White Deer Triathlon on Saturday, May 16th.


The state's Tourism Director thinks a new  event this fall in the Northwoods will be a hit. Tourism Director Stephanie Klett presented a $15,000 marketing grant to Tommy O's Playhouse in Hazelhurst where the first annual Medieval Faire will be held the weekend of September 10...

No matter how much you plan, Mother Nature often finds a way to change things. So it goes for the Department of Tourism.

Secretary Stephanie Klett says fall travel activities were changed when the cold snap and snow cover moved into Wisconsin in the last two weeks.

"....winter came a lot earlier than normal this year. There are great winter events all through out the state, now apparently November, December, January and February. Go to  We have 15,000 events and attractions that are listed..."

While last week's storms produced a reminder that summer still has a potent punch, fall color time is around the corner. The state's top tourism official says travelers  still have much see.

Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett says they've launched their Fall Color Report on their website, tracking where fall colors are on display. Klett says there are more than 100 volunteers in all 72 counties filing reports on the changing leaves. Klett says fall has turned into an important travel time for some people...

Wisconsin's Tourism Secretary was watching Wisconsin's top basketball coach Thursday morning...

"....I'm watching Bo Ryan from my hotel room right now in Wisconsin Dells zip line. So coach Bo Ryan from UW-Madison men's basketball team the final four.... is starring in our next commercial spot...."
Stephanie Klett says Ryan was happy to accept the offer to be in the next tourism ads.


The state's top tourism official dropped by the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Thursday with a big check to promote this year's Boom Lake Log Jam.

Tourism Secretary Stephenie Klett delivered $10,000 in Joint Effort Marketing money to promote Rhinelander's relatively new event. She says it's a competitive marketing grant and there were many groups hoping to get some of the promotion money. She says Rhinelander's application stood out....

State of Wisconsin

The state's Tourism Secretary says 2013 showed strong growth by travelers in Wisconsin and especially the Northwoods.

This week is national Travel and Tourism week.

Stephanie Klett says tourism had a 17 billion dollar impact on the state's economy last year up $700 million from the year before. More than 100 million visits from travelers. She says increasing the tourism marketing budget has paid off big dividends..

Flying In From Hollywood

Jul 1, 2013
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

Eagle River got a dose of Hollywood last week.  State tourism officials hosted a screening of the movie Airplane.  Jim Abrahams was in attendance.

The Vilas Theater gave out a hundred and fifty tickets for the Airplane screening, and turned others away.  State tourism officials also highlighted a promotional video shot in Vilas County, and hinted that another was in the works.  As Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett explains, it features Jim Abrahams and two other producers of Airplane. 

Wi. Dept. of Tourism

Hollywood, tourism and promotion all come together at a free event Friday night in Eagle River.

The Department of Tourism has launched a new ad promoting Wisconsin which was recorded here, says Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett...