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Tax Day is approaching fast, and a state secretary says they have help on their website for last minute filers.

Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler says they hope the public files electronically...

"'s convenient, the program does the math for you. About 85 percent of taxpayers are now e-filing. Once people try it, we find that once they try it they never want to go back to paper filing...."

Secretary Chandler says the electronic method helps you find things you might have forgotten if you had the paper form...

Seniors and others can save money at tax time with the help of trained local tax preparers. The service is free.

Volunteers trained through the AARP Tax Aide Program will provide free federal and state income tax and Wisconsin Homestead Credit preparation and electronic filing.

Local spokesperson Bill Vancos says the volunteers are certified to do the work but there are some areas where they are not trained to help...

Analyst: Trump Tax Plan Would Hurt Wisconsinites

Oct 24, 2017
U.S. Treasury Department

Wisconsin News Connection is here.

MADISON, Wis. - The top 1 percent of Wisconsinites would do best under a tax plan being advanced by President Trump and Republican leaders such as Wisconsin's Paul Ryan, according to an analysis just released by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Budget Project.

The plan is being touted as a "middle-class miracle," but the analysis says that's not true, either.

Budget Project director Jon Peacock called the plan "a windfall for millionaires."

It's tax time,and a top state official says be hyper vigilant about making sure your tax return is safe.

Department of Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler says 85 percent of state tax filing were done on line last year. He says the department is putting a lot of effort into stopping cyber crimes.

He says criminals find a variety of means to get personal information then try to file fake tax returns...

Post Office Prepares For Last Minute Tax Filing Rush

Apr 14, 2014

Tuesday is tax day.  You have until midnight to mail your tax return or file it online. 

The Rhinelander Post Office has double staff on hand to handle the volume of customers.

Rhinelander Acting Postmaster Joelle Nelson says there’s an automated postal center that should help with the high traffic.         

“Which allows customers to mail products 24 hours a day.  I will actually be at that center tomorrow, trying to help customers fill out forms, make it as easy as we can.”

There's still a few things you can do to save yourself from the tax bite before 2014 comes this Wednesday .

Certified Public Accountant Mary Schwaiger from Reach and Schwaiger in Eagle River...


"....if you're itemizing deductions, it does make sense to make more charitable contributions before the end of the year, pay your property taxes ahead of time. Paying the property taxes also gives you a credit on the state of Wisconsin, so that helps on both ends..."