Torpy Park

Minocqua Officials Eye Torpy Park Improvements

Jun 29, 2017
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A popular Minocqua town park could be seeing changes in appearance and amenities in coming years, as town officials begin to review suggestions for improvement.

Located in downtown Minocqua, Torpy Park hosts several events each year, including craft shows and the town’s signature festival event, Beef-A-Rama. Its playground and beachfront draws thousands of visitors in the summertime. It’s also within strolling distance of downtown gift shops and restaurants.

Picnic Spot Gets Another Shot At Torpy Park Concession

Aug 18, 2016

Minocqua town supervisors are on board for The Picnic Spot to again lease the lower level of the Torpy Park bandshell to operate a deli serving food and soda to beach goers and others at the downtown park.

Sue Perron of Park Falls owns The Picnic Spot. So far supervisors have not heard any complaints about her business operating on town-owned property, they said. “Everything we have been hearing is that it’s been a good service,” said Town Chairman Mark Hartzheim at Tuesday’s board meeting. “It’s also been a real positive down there from the town office standpoint.”


Minocqua town electors have turned down a proposal to build a new pavilion in Torpy Park.

Electors in Minocqua will need to vote on building a smaller pavilion at Torpy Park proposed by the Minocqua Lions Club.

At a meeting last month, more than 150 people met with the town board to discuss building the pavilion at the park. The original proposal was 56 feet by 96 feet and would have required the removal of up to 13 older trees. Complaints centered on taking away a Northwoods legacy for a large building. The Lions felt a larger pavilion was needed to take care of large crowds such as during Beef-A-Rama.

Minocqua Town Board Approves Smaller Park Pavilion

Jun 4, 2014

A modified proposal for a new pavilion in Minocqua’s Torpy Park is moving forward, but residents will have the final say. 

The Minocqua Town Board has recommended approval of a plan that calls for a 30 by 80 foot structure and removal of a single tree. 

Town Board Chair Mark Hartzheim says the structure would be 55 percent smaller than the one originally proposed that had drawn significant public outcry.

Plan for Smaller Torpy Park Pavilion Moves Forward

May 30, 2014

The Minocqua Plan Commission has given its blessing to a new shelter design plan for Torpy Park.  

The Minocqua Lions Club’s original plan drew public outcry when it proposed to remove 13 trees to make way for a large structure.  Many argued that the old white pines are essential to the aesthetics of the downtown park. 

Minocqua Town Chair Mark Hartzheim says the revised plan calls for a building about half the size of the original design.

 The Minocqua Plan Commission will ask the town board to look at whether to remove some problem trees at Torpy Park. At a meeting Tuesday(5/13) the commission also heard a scaled-back proposal for a pavilion by the Minocqua Lions at the park.

Last week, more than 120 residents discussed a proposal for a new 54 by 96 foot pavilion that would require the removal of 11 old trees. Many were opposed to removing the trees, though a few of the trees were said to be diseased.

Town chair Mark Hartzheim says the Lions brought forward a proposal for a smaller pavilion...

The Minocqua town board took no action on a plan by the Minocqua Lions to build a pavilion at Torpy Park. But debate about whether to remove trees in the park brought out many opinions.

Torpy Park Controversy Prompts Town Meeting

May 6, 2014

A special town hall meeting is taking place Tuesday evening in Minocqua, regarding the fate of a group of trees in Torpy Park. 

The Minocqua Lions Club wants to build a new shelter in Torpy Park, and in the process remove about a dozen white pines estimated to be over a hundred years old. 

Many locals are up in arms about the plan, and have been contacting town officials and spreading the word through social media.  They say they like the atmosphere the trees provide, and say the trees are a vestige of old growth forest in the Northwoods.


  Electors in the town of Minocqua next week will decide whether the town will purchase a piece of prime real estate next to Torpy Park.

Town Chair Mark Hartzheim says they've been talking with the property owner who has set a floor price of $300,000. Hartzheim says the property owner approached the town. The property is about 26,000 square feet and has a building on it which he says is beyond renovation.

Hartzheim says the annual town meeting next week enables citizens to decide whether the town should go ahead with the sale....