Town of Newbold

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The Town of Newbold's Outdoor Recreation Area and Rookery Run Disc Golf Course appears to be ready, pending cooperation from Mother Nature.

Volunteers have been putting in thousands of hours to make the 18 hole course ready for opening this spring. Pete Cody has been leading the effort to get the course established off Highway 47 and Ole Lake road north of Rhinelander.

The historic snows this April has slowed the process, but he says the fundraising has been heating up....

One of Oneida county's larger and more populous towns is having a public hearing this spring to gauge public opinion on opening up a portion of it's roads to ATV's.

The Town of Newbold has been asked to open nine roads for use. Town Chair Dave Kroll says amendments to the town's ordinance have been proposed...

Town of Newbold

The town of Newbold recreation committee has decided to finish up this year and open its new disc golf course next year.

Chair of the Newbold Outdoor Recreation Committee, Pete Cody, says conditions still weren't quite right....

"....we still had some fairway work to do to make sure everything was absolutely right. A lot of the seeding we did on the basket and in the t-pad areas is still pretty soft and we felt it would be better to let that grow longer and root better so we decided to open up in 2018...."

Oneida County Counters Newbold's Offer for County Land

Aug 20, 2015

  The Town of Newbold’s initial offer on a piece of county land was countered by the Oneida County Board of Supervisors this week. The Town of Newbold made an offer of $8,000 on a parcel of county land in hopes to expand their 9-hole disc golf course to an 18-hole course with a hiking trail. However, Oneida County is offering $15,000 for the lot. The Town of Newbold Chairperson Dave Kroll says the town board is setting a time for the electors meeting to discuss the purchase.

The town of Newbold Recreation Committee Saturday is hosting a chance for the public to see a presentation on a proposed disc golf and trail expansion

Disc golf uses discs to simulate a small golf-like fairway. The town already has a nine-hole course that's been designed, and would like to buy an adjoining property owned by Oneida county to expand it to an 18 hole course.

Newbold Clerk Kim Gauthier says their designer will be on hand Saturday to talk about the plans...


A parcel of land along Highway 47 in Newbold is being eyed by the town board as a possible new boat landing site, pending Oneida county's negotiations with the town.

The lot along the Wisconsin River/Rhinelander Flowage was offered for sale at $45,000. The county board this week approved a move to give the county and town nine months to see if a deal could be worked out.

Newbold town supervisor Ed Hammer told the Oneida county board the town has an interest in developing a new landing....