tree stands

Wisconsin DNR

A hunter using a tree stand has about a 1 in 20 chance of suffering an injury in a fall from a tree stand during a lifetime. That number is part of research done by the DNR about safety awareness using the popular method of hunting. The research found a significant amount of injuries resulting from using tree stands to hunt.

DNR hunter education administrator Jon King urges hunter to use a body harness when using tree stands. King also says don't haul your weapon by hand....

Statewide, three hunters have died this year after they fell out of treestands. A DNR leader says most injuries and fatalities are preventable.

Jon King is DNR Hunter Education Administrator. He says for a purchased stand, take the time to read all the directions. He says setting it up alone is not advised...


"....we encouraging using the buddy system. Take somebody with you while you do this. When you're climbing in a tree stand and it's not attached to the tree, it could fall over on you and end up injuring you...."