Members of Oneida County UW-Extension recently provided the Oneida County Board with an overview of what Extension provides the community.

Extension Youth Leader Lynn Feldman says she's developing a program for business leaders in the Rhinelander, Minocqua and Three Lakes areas next spring. She wants to have the businesses train young people 14 to 18 years old to do some basics of business in anticipation of hiring them during the summer tourist season perhaps for their first jobs..

UW Extension Wants You to Think Longterm

Oct 5, 2014

University of Wisconsin Extension is planning ahead for what resources citizens might need in twenty years.

Extension is surveying residents throughout the state to find out what role people think it should play in the future. 

Greg Hutchins, Associate Vice chancellor for UW Extension, says the system wants to know how to stay relevant in the coming decades…whether that means using more technology to deliver programs, or offering completely new kinds of programs.    


A University of Wisconsin and Extension study says the economic impact of second homes in Wisconsin is large and is often forgotten as an economic driver. While the study had a component in southern Wisconsin, it also had key results from the Northwoods.

Professor Russ Kashian at UW-Whitewater and Professor Andy Lewis from UW-Extension looked at the impacts of connecting second homes with high speed internet. The lack of such connectivity has been cited as a potential loss of revenue in some parts of the Northwoods.


A recent study shows the increasing economic impact of silent sports in northern Wisconsin.

The report was authored by three UW-Extension researchers, a bicycle industry consultant and a former graduate student.

The study surveyed Ashland, Bayfield and Sawyer counties in 2012. The authors administered a year-long set of surveys.