Northwoods Learns About the Hazards of Plastic

Oct 28, 2015

  The Learning in Retirement Program at Nicolet College hosted a forum about the negative impacts micro-fiber plastics have on our environment. The forum came on the heels of concerns from community members about micro-fiber build up in septic tanks.  Community member Edward Lee says finding a solution is crucial.

 “…So the question we had is, if those micro-plastic fibers are going into our septic tank, what is happening in town to the sewer system and the stuff is flowing into the sewer system and that will plug up the septic field in time.”


Of all the colleges and universities in the nation offering some online degree programs, UW-Superior has ranked ninth in a U.S. News ranking for colleges offering bachelor's programs online.

UW-Superior has been offering distance learning for 35 years. A local university representative , Dan Kuzlik, says the ranking is a bit of a small school versus large schools....