venison feed


One of the annual signs that the gun deer hunting season is close is the long-running Venison Feed in downtown Tomahawk the day before the season opens.

A blaze-orange clad army of hunters turn out each year to eat venison burgers and talk deer hunting.

Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce Director Jesica Witte says a long tradition continues...

If Venison Is Your Meal Some Tips On Preparing It

Nov 25, 2015

While many people are getting ready to cook their Thanksgiving turkey , the Department of Natural Resources has some tips for serving up that deer you just brought home.

Wildlife specialist John Motoviloff says you should take it easy on how you cook your venison. ...

"You only need to kill it once. You keep it moist by marinating it and grilling it quickly to medium or medium rare, or the other way to do it is a low and slow type procedure..."

An event that has been around for nearly half a century returns to the streets of downtown Tomahawk on Friday.

Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett attended the Annual Venison Feed when she worked for the TV show Discover Wisconsin....

"....the Tomahawk Venison Feed is a blast. I got to film it years ago. They serve about 1800 venison burgers, free...they encourage donations of course...people come out in bright orange, and crazy hats with antlers. It's just a fun party in the streets of downtown Tomahawk.."

They're cooking them until their gone....the 48th Annual Venison Feed is Friday in downtown Tomahawk.

Chamber Executive Director Tamra Anderson says they are ready for hungry hunters...


"'s our free feed in downtown Tomahawk. This year we're going to give away about 1600 venison burgers....we fire up 5 grills starting at about 10:00 o'clock and we start serving burgers around 11:30....."

The event is free. She says its a way to say thanks to the community...