Vilas Co. Board

Vilas Courthouse Security Level Debated

Jun 16, 2017

Two levels of security for the Vilas County courthouse were debated by the county public property committee but no decision was made.

County board Chairman Ron DeBruyne felt a single entrance planned with the new $11 million addition may require up to three persons to staff it and suggested the top floor of the courthouse where courts, juvenile intake, clerk of courts, and register in probate are located be secured first.

What started out as a "not to exceed $10 million" for an addition to the Vilas County courthouse will now cost at least $11.1 million if the extra costs are approved by the full county board Jan. 24.

The first increase of $450,000 was made last June to add a full second story even though half may not be used for years. A maintenance garage attached to the current maintenance building rather than a new garage across the street would add $98,000.

Changes Passed For Vilas County-Tribal Committee

Nov 17, 2016

In a split 17 to 3 decision, the Vilas County Board of Supervisors  expanded and changed the membership and purpose of the county-tribal concerns committee adding language the committee will be strictly advisory with no authority to determine policy with respect to county government and cannot enter into any agreements, contracts, or expend any county funds.

Membership will be equal between the county and Lac du Flambeau tribe with county representation reduced from five to three and tribal representation increased from two to three.

Two resolutions to expand the Vilas county courthouse narrowly passed the county board this week.

An original resolution for $16 million dollars was amended after the board decided not to add the additional space for another courtroom at this time.

The board adopted a resolution first funding two phases of the expansion, known as 1 and 1B, at a price of more than $10 million. That would add just under 36,000 square feet for that cost. The board needed a two-thirds majority to pass that resolution which it did 15-4.

Vilas county-Google Map

Vilas county board supervisor Jerry Burkett is a long time Eagle River area realtor. Burkett made a presentation at Tuesday's board meeting for the county to look at selling off dozens of parcels that are under county control, most of which have been forgotten.

Burkett says he spent more than 100 hours putting together the report. As an example,  one lot near the wastewater plant is owned by the county. He says the view of the plant isn't the most enticing, but...

State Law Changes Local Input On Tower Sitings

Mar 27, 2014

How would you react to the construction of a communications tower near your home?

Before the Wisconsin legislature changed the rules, you could have voiced your thoughts at a public hearing BEFORE the tower went up.

That’s no longer the case, as confirmed by Vilas County Corporation Counsel Martha Milanowski at Tuesday’s meeting of the Vilas county board of supervisors:


" may not be something we agree with, but it is something we must follow...."