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Federal Probe Into Voter Fraud: Unneccesary?

May 16, 2017
Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

MADISON, Wis. - During his campaign, President Donald Trump repeatedly alleged massive and widespread voter fraud in the U.S. election system. After his election, he claimed this voter fraud kept him from winning the popular vote. Now, the president has signed an executive order creating a federal commission to review voter fraud in America.

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It's going to take awhile before a recount is completed in Oneida and likely other Northwoods counties.

The recount of Wisconsin's presidential votes has been approved with the Green Party providing the funding.

Locally, Oneida County Clerk Mary Bartelt says they have experience doing this type of count, but it requires many hands.

She says they have to estimate costs, which will be reimbursed by the Green Party...

A recent court ruling will make it easier for Wisconsin voters to participate in early voting in Wisconsin.

The November election date is two months away, and a state Division of Motor Vehicles Administrator says if you need an ID to vote, it's better to get one now rather than wait.

Kristina Boardman says most voters have all the ID they need with a driver's license or Wisconsin ID. But if you still need one, she says you can get one for free at the DMV offices near you....

It won't start until November, as  a U.S. District judge ruled this week voters without standard ID will be able to cast ballots, but they have to swear at the polling place they are who they are.

Judge Lynn Adelman says Wisconsin's current Voter ID law doesn't allow voters with challenges getting ID's to cast a ballot, and dropped a portion of Wisconsin's law.

Jane Trotter from the League of Women Voters of the Northwoods says voters without ID's will be able to cast a ballot...

It's Primary Election Day in Wisconsin, the first of four major elections this year.

There is only one statewide race, as voters will narrow from three to two the candidates for the State Supreme Court. Rebecca Bradley of Wauwatosa, Joanne Kloppenburg of Madison and Joe Donald from Milwaukee are all running to fill one seat on the state's highest court. The top two vote getters today will square off during the Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary on April 5.

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A Northwoods county clerk is reminding voters to bring along an acceptable form of ID to next Tuesday's primary election voting places and a deadline is here to vote absentee.

Vilas County Clerk Dave Alleman says you can still do in-person absentee balloting until Friday (2/12/2016)at your local clerk's office...

"....but anybody can go in, I believe it's 5 o'clock they can go to their local municipal clerk and vote in person..."

Today is the spring election in Wisconsin.

Statewide  incumbent  Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh-Bradley is challenged by Rock County Judge James Daley for a spot on the top court. Voters will see a question whether to change the state constitution to enable the Justices to elect the Chief Justice or whether it should remain going to the Justice with the most seniority. There is also a race for the state appeals court. Langlade county is also electing a circuit court judge.

PUNT! County Clerks Scramble Again On Voter ID

Oct 10, 2014

Perhaps county clerks in Wisconsin feel a bit like a political football, but the U.S. Supreme Court action tossing out Wisconsin's Voter ID law for the November election puts clerks back where things were, a time or two ago. The High Court voted 6-3  Thursday.

Vilas County Clerk David Alleman...

"....I informed all the municipal clerks in Vilas county that implementation of Voter ID is delayed for an indefinite period and it will not be enforced for the November 4th fall election..."

A Harshaw resident will have a seat in the courtroom Tuesday as the state Supreme Court hears the Voter ID case.

In October, 2011, the Wisconsin League of Women Voters filed suit saying the Wisconsin legislature violated the Sufferage Act of the state constitution.