winter shutoffs moratorium

Wisconsin's winter moratorium on utility disconnnections ends next Monday and a state spokesperson says customers need to make arrangements now or face the loss of heating. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is the state regulator for utilities.

Spokesperson Matthew Spencer says early next week utilities are allowed disconnections for customers who haven't paid....

Utility Customers Behind on Bills Could Face Shutoffs

Apr 7, 2014

This Saturday marks the end of the winter moratorium on utility shutoffs.  Wisconsin Public Service is urging customers who are behind on their bills to call sooner rather than later…to make payment arrangements. 

State law prevents anyone’s home utilities from being turned off during winter months between November 1st and April 15th, even you don’t pay the bills.

But WPS spokesperson Leah Van Zile says those unpaid bills won’t go away, and customers could face shutoffs if they don’t get in touch with WPS.