Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas

Wikimedia Commons Jim Ridley 2010

North-central Wisconsin Volunteers are needed to help track bird populations.

After the third year of the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas survey, volunteers have documented 220 bird species breeding in the state, most recently including a family of rare and secretive marsh birds called king rails. With this addition, 12 new species have been observed nesting in Wisconsin that weren't found during the first Breeding Bird Atlas survey two decades ago.

Nick Anich-WDNR

Year two of an expanded DNR effort to survey Wisconsin's bird population includes a key meeting coming up in early April in Rothschild.

Organizers of a statewide breeding bird survey are looking to recruit new birders to their volunteer corps, gathering information that will guide bird conservation efforts for the next generation.

DNR research scientist Ryan Brady says this citizen-science effort is critical to know just what our bird populations are doing...

Bird Atlas Surveys Breeding Species in Wisconsin

Jun 8, 2015
Dick Daniels

June and July bring peak breeding activity for Wisconsin’s birds.  The state DNR says it’s an especially good time to get involved documenting bird sightings for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas.  


It’s a five-year data gathering project that spans the entire state.