Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin DNR

A walk in the woods this time of the year will reveal Northwoods wildlife beginning the annual cycle of a new growing year. DNR wildlife researchers are out doing a survey and a spokesperson says be careful as your drive by.

DNR wildlife specialist Brian Dhuey says the surveyors collect data from roadsides, so that's why they are there and there's no need to be concerned...


The time after the snow leaves is one of the peak times for wildfires to break out in Wisconsin and a fire suppression expert says the public is instrumental in preventing them. The DNR has suspended burning in many parts of Wisconsin.

Wildfire Prevention Specialist, Catherine Koele, says the fire danger rose to high as the warmer weather moved in....

Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

Property owners in Oneida and Marinette counties are being recruited by the DNR to voluntarily join Snapshot Wisconsin, a citizen-science effort to capture images of all types of wildlife.

Spokesperson Susan Frett says a statewide wildlife monitoring project that's being rolled out on a county-by-county basis. The program began in 2016....

Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

The DNR is kicking off an effort to look at recreational opportunities and needs across Wisconsin.

The project, officially called a Recreation Opportunities Analysis, or ROA, aims to identify future recreational needs across the state, and the DNR role.

DNR recreation specialist Cameron Bump says in areas like the recreation-heavy Northwoods, this study will look at the entire registration offerings in a region and the state...


Independent auditors have found Wisconsin's state forested lands are examples of being well-managed and some of the states most valuable resources.  Those assessments from a recent audit of state managed woods.

DNR forest certification coordinator Mark Heyde says the audit teams gave glowing reviews of management practices on state lands. Department owned lands are certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council. Heyde was asked what this audit means for the public..

Wisconsin DNR

Last year, the legislature directed the DNR to find ways to increase the allowable acreage for forest productivity from the state forests.

A DNR spokesperson says public comment on the variances is open until the end of the month.

The DNR's Carmen Hardin is Forest Management Bureau Director. She says the DNR is in the process of getting public comment on the proposed variances, which means a larger amount of acreage in the forests would be available for forest production...


Hunters around the Northwoods looking for an easy way to learn more about their hobby are reminded to join the Department of Natural Resources staff for live chats throughout the coming months.

Public Affairs Manager for the Fish, Wildlife and Parks division of the DNR, Sawyer Briel says the live chats on the DNR’s website are easy to use.


Wisconsin DNR

The legislature will decide in a few months whether it is viable to move the DNR's Division of Forestry out of Madison to a northern community closer to the state's large forests.

Rhinelander, Wausau and Hayward have been identified as finalists should the move be approved in the upcoming budget.

Executive Director of Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Roger Luce is asking Oneida county residents to support Rhinelander's application. Luce says the group supported both Minocqua and Rhinelander's initial application before Rhinelander was named a finalist.


Add Oneida County to the list of suitors should the state of Wisconsin decide to move the Division of Forestry to the Northwoods.

The Oneida County Board approved a resolution authorizing a return of information to the state describing county assets for an eventual landing spot.

Forest Director John Bilogan told the Oneida County Board that any landing site in Oneida county would bring 50 higher-paying jobs to the area and have a noticeable economic impact. He says Oneida county has come built in advantages...

Michael Murphy

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports eight states in the Midwest have gotten more than $200 million dollars as part of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. One of those projects is based here in the Northwoods. The federal funds were received for a study of bobcats.

DNR animal researcher Nathan Roberts based in Rhinelander is doing an extensive study on the elusive cat. He says they need to find out the population size so they know how many can be hunted and maintain a sustainable population ...


New phosphorus regulations in place by the state will change what communities need to do to be compliant in their water and wastewater systems, and it could be costly. That assessment from from Pat Morrow, a senior project engineer from MSA Professional Services in Rhinelander.

Pat Morrow says wastewater bills might see an increase as governments with wastewater systems upgrade to the tighter phosphorus discharge rules...

Wisconsin DNR

A DNR official says the former Nagle Lumber property near Land O' Lakes has been sold and the new property owner and Vilas County Economic Development are getting some assistance from a DNR fund to determine the property's future.

The company operated on the 130 acre property for more than a half-century before closing in 2005. Since then the property has been idle. The DNR's Wisconsin Assessment Monies award, valued at about $30,000, comes in the form of contractor services for assessing conditions at the site.

DNR Brownfields Section Chief Christine Haag...


Next month the DNR is launching a website that is a type of 'one stop shop' for the outdoors.

Called "Go Wild", spokesperson Mark Rappe says the website will show what is available to do outdoors, but also to provide an array of services...

"....information about activities sponsored by the DNR, helping people to get outdoors and find the information they need...helping them to acquire the licenses, passes and information about regulations to participate quickly, easily and conveniently...."


Pending action by the Natural Resources Board later this month, it appears most of the Langlade county spring ponds that the DNR initally offered for sale will not be on the block.

The agency has released an updated list of lands that they would like put up for sale. State law directed the Natural Resources Board to offer 10,000 acres of land for sale by June 30, 2017.

Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program

The DNR recently acknowledged the work of volunteers across the state who helped turtles get across busy roadways. Volunteers also received permission from local officials to put "turtle crossing" signs in places where the slow-moving creatures cross roads to get to nesting areas.