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Michael Murphy

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports eight states in the Midwest have gotten more than $200 million dollars as part of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. One of those projects is based here in the Northwoods. The federal funds were received for a study of bobcats.

DNR animal researcher Nathan Roberts based in Rhinelander is doing an extensive study on the elusive cat. He says they need to find out the population size so they know how many can be hunted and maintain a sustainable population ...


New phosphorus regulations in place by the state will change what communities need to do to be compliant in their water and wastewater systems, and it could be costly. That assessment from from Pat Morrow, a senior project engineer from MSA Professional Services in Rhinelander.

Pat Morrow says wastewater bills might see an increase as governments with wastewater systems upgrade to the tighter phosphorus discharge rules...

Wisconsin DNR

A DNR official says the former Nagle Lumber property near Land O' Lakes has been sold and the new property owner and Vilas County Economic Development are getting some assistance from a DNR fund to determine the property's future.

The company operated on the 130 acre property for more than a half-century before closing in 2005. Since then the property has been idle. The DNR's Wisconsin Assessment Monies award, valued at about $30,000, comes in the form of contractor services for assessing conditions at the site.

DNR Brownfields Section Chief Christine Haag...


Next month the DNR is launching a website that is a type of 'one stop shop' for the outdoors.

Called "Go Wild", spokesperson Mark Rappe says the website will show what is available to do outdoors, but also to provide an array of services...

"....information about activities sponsored by the DNR, helping people to get outdoors and find the information they need...helping them to acquire the licenses, passes and information about regulations to participate quickly, easily and conveniently...."


Pending action by the Natural Resources Board later this month, it appears most of the Langlade county spring ponds that the DNR initally offered for sale will not be on the block.

The agency has released an updated list of lands that they would like put up for sale. State law directed the Natural Resources Board to offer 10,000 acres of land for sale by June 30, 2017.

Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program

The DNR recently acknowledged the work of volunteers across the state who helped turtles get across busy roadways. Volunteers also received permission from local officials to put "turtle crossing" signs in places where the slow-moving creatures cross roads to get to nesting areas.


Another landmark of mainly northern Wisconsin will soon be leaving the landscape.

The DNR announced late last week the fire towers used to spot out of control fires were being eliminated.

Built in the 1930's and 1940's, the towers at the time were the front line to protect Wisconsin's forests. But Trent Marty, director of DNR's bureau of forest protection, says the cost of replacing the towers and modern technology were factors in their demise...


Deer hunters have a chance to talk directly with DNR staff over the noon hour today(11/16/2015) prior to the Saturday opening of Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer season. Kevin Wallenfang is a DNR Big Game Ecologist....

".....we put a live chat out there and folks can jump on the Internet and ask questions of people within the DNR. The one Monday is specifically about the nine-day gun deer season. People can email in their questions and we will answer them right there, live....."


The possibility of moving the state Division of Forestry to northern Wisconsin is still on the table says the author of the idea.

State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst brought up the idea a few years ago.

Tiffany says even though there is a good deal of forestry in other parts of the state, much of the forestry activity happens in the north...


Information gathered in the first season by more than 700 volunteers documenting bird breeding activity in Wisconsin found eight species nesting here that weren't found 15 years ago and range shifts in others such as the wild turkey.

Volunteers collect the data and give the results to the DNR where the "Breeding Bird Atlas" is compiled.

Atlas Coordinator Ryan Brady says the gathering is fairly straightforward..

Hunters Asked To Report Animal Sightings

Sep 9, 2015

  Hunters are heading out to the woods and fields as the fall seasons are beginning. The DNR is hoping deer hunters take a moment to record what they saw in the field.

Wildlife Research Scientist Jessica Rees Lohr says hunters become the eyes and ears in the field to report what they've seen...

"....we're doing a deer hunter wildlife survey where hunters can record their observations of deer and any wildlife while they're out hunting. This helps us keep track of population trends for Wisconsin's deer herd and other wildlife...."


  A well-known DNR biologist will be in Three Lakes this month to talk about Wisconsin’s Osprey. The Nicolet Bird Club of Three Lakes will be hosting Ron Eckstein at the Demmer Memorial Library. Vice President Les Anderson says it’s an opportunity for people to educate themselves about the Osprey and its habitat.

 “…he’s banded more than 1,500 eagles in a nest and erected more than 150 Osprey nest platforms. So he’s going to be teaching about the breeding and nesting practices of the Osprey’s and nesting sites around Three Lakes…”

DNR Seeks Input for New Bikeways

Sep 1, 2015

The DNR has scheduled a series of open forums to seek feedback about new proposed bike trails. The DNR is in collaboration with the DOT and the Wisconsin Bike Federation to identify the best routes suited for designation. The public contributed their thoughts earlier this year about where potential bike trails should be located. Now, DNR spokesperson Brigit Brown says it’s up to the public to have the final say.

Wild Rice Harvesting is Near

Aug 27, 2015

Wild rice abundance reports show that harvesting season is approaching. Labor Day often marks the harvesting season of the traditional Ojibwe food staple. DNR Habitat Specialist Jason Fleener says people take on the activity as an effort to supplement their dietary needs.

 “They’ve shown that wild rice, or true and natural wild rice has a lot more essential vitamins and minerals compared to white rice. So from a subsistence standpoint that’s very nutritious.”


The DNR is making a last push for public comment on two long term plans to manage conservation and wildlife.

DNR officials say in order to remain eligible for federal funding, they need public input on plans concerning fish and wildlife.

Spokesperson Owen Boyle says public comment will end next Sunday on the two plans...