Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated

Off-Road Vehicle Park Proponents Still Optimistic

Jun 3, 2015
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

A nonprofit pushing for an off-road vehicle park in Forest County says the plan is not dead, despite a committee’s vote to keep the door closed against allowing off-road vehicles on county forest land.

The Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated or WORVPI says some of its members will meet Thursday to discuss next steps.

A plan for an off-road park on county land is still on the table in Forest County.

The forestry committee has given the okay to develop amendments to the county’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan…that are needed to allow for park development.

The nonprofit Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated says the 10,000 acre park will be a huge tourist draw, but some say the proposal to have the county buy the land is too big a risk. 


A Forest County Board sub-committee has moved forward a request to have more review whether to allow a large off-road park.

The Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. would like to develop the miles- long park on land that the county would buy to develop the facility.

The sub-committee agreed to send to the full Forestry committee a question whether to amend the county's 15 year Comprehensive Land Use Plan to include an off-road park.

Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park  President John Schnoor says they are looking for a clearer direction from Forest county...

Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

Voters in Forest county might see a referendum this fall whether to allow the county to work on the development of a large off­road park. The county Forestry committee Tuesday passed a resolution unanimously. Forest Administator David Ziolkowski says the committee discussed land acquisition and DNR requirements, then decided to ask the full county board for a public vote. 

DNR Wants More Details On Off-Road Park

Jun 16, 2014
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The DNR says it needs more information to determine whether an off road park in Forest County would be eligible for certain grants. 

The nonprofit Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated wants Forest County to buy the land for a 10,000-acre park. 

The group is pitching the project as a good deal for the county, saying park tourism and timber management on the land could generate revenue, while the purchase of the land could be fifty percent paid-for by DNR stewardship grants. 

Forest County Board Hears Proposal in Closed Session

May 28, 2014
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The Forest County Board of Supervisors heard the details of a proposed off-road park Tuesday night in closed session. 

RT Krueger, President of the Forest County Economic Development Partnership, says the session was closed because it involved details of possible land purchases that can’t be public. 

He says now county board members have the details they’ve been waiting for.              

Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

Proponents of a controversial off-road park in Forest County have unveiled the details of their proposal. 

A planning committee has selected a location north of Laona, near the intersections of county highways G and O.  It includes a stretch of the Peshtigo River. 

The group Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated wants Forest County to purchase the 10-thousand acre site over a series of several years and phases.  The land is currently held by private companies Crandon Timber and Plum Creek. 


A proposed 10,000-acre off-road vehicle park in Forest county drew opposition at a Saturday public hearing in Laona, along with calls for a referendum.

About 60 people attended the first gathering called by the Forest county board.. A private non-profit organization, Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc wants to develop the large facility but has not produced on the record details where the park would be located, saying it could be in seven possible locations.

One speaker asked a series of questions to the four committee members present...


A public hearing about a proposed Off-Road Park in Forest county is set for early February.

Wisconsin Off-Road Park, Incorporated will be holding the first public hearing February 8 at the Laona School gymnasium.

Forest County Economic Development Partnership Director Jim Schuessler says there will be a presentation on the proposal, then open mike time...


Committee to Help Oversee Off-Road Park Development

Dec 23, 2013
Robert Thigpen

A new county board committee will oversee Forest County’s role in the development of an off-road park. 

A nonprofit is pushing to build a 10,000 acre off-road vehicle park that it says will stimulate the local economy.

The Forest county board recently approved over $40,000 toward park development, so the project could apply for matching funds from the state’s economic development corporation. 

Count Board Chairman Paul Millan says the new five-person committee will oversee how that money is being spent.

Nonprofit Gathers Support for ATV Park

Oct 2, 2013
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

A nonprofit group is working to build a 10,000 acre off-road vehicle park in Forest County.  The group says it would have a $28 million annual impact. 

President of Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated John Schnorr says it would meet a sizable demand for off-road recreation.  And he notes the park would be open year-round.