Wisconsin Senate


The candidate who announced last November he's running for the 12th State Senate seat says he's hearing a consistent theme among voters: the legislature over-reached and has taken away too much from local citizens.

Democrat Dave Polashek from Oconto Falls says he's hearing much about local control...

".....people who felt their influence has been lessened with shoreland zoning and a number of other things that they had previously worked together to make some decisions about...."

Local School Leader Favors Scheduling Flexibility

Mar 11, 2014
Rhinelander School District

  The Wisconsin Senate is voting on a bill  tossing out the 180 day requirement for schools to hold classes.   Classes would still have to be held for certain numbers of hours -- but schools could hold longer days to get those hours in.  The issue came to the forefront in January, when most Wisconsin schools were closed for at least four days due to the coldest winter in two decades.