The tax watchdog group, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, questions the use of state tax revenues to subsidize the state lottery. They say it possibly violates the state Constitution.

WTA President Todd Berry says the lottery was sold to the public as a self-sustaining agency.

Berry says the new state budget does something unique..

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A new study shows most home prices in the Northwoods have not returned to pre-recession levels.

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance spokesperson Dale Knapp said researchers looked at figures from the Department of Revenue about equalized home values throughout the state.

He says they looked at where home values were as of last January in each county versus just before the recession...


Wisconsin's state and local tax burden fell a small percentage of personal income this year, but the total tax burden rose about one percent because the federal government is collecting more taxes.

 Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance President Todd Berry says for decades they've looked at the total tax bill people pay....

"....bottom line is in terms of all the taxes we paid, our burden relative to the income of the state went up from a little over 30 percent to a little over 31 percent of income...."

After a surge in the 1990's, revenues for county and municipal governments have fallen to levels of 20 years ago.

Some results of the study by the non-profit Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is told by WTA President Todd Berry...

"....county revenues were growing by about eight percent in the early '90's. After 2005, they've been averaging just 1.5 percent. We found similar patterns for municipalities with their revenue growth...slowing to under three percent..."