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Get in touch with your wild side

Oct 5, 2016

I learned to love and appreciate hunting, fishing, and nature from my father. He was an avid outdoorsman, and took great pride in the fact that he never missed a deer season, not even the year he had open heart surgery. He loved to fish, and would keep every single possible fish he caught. I still remember watching him on the riverbank, nailing a catfish to a tree so he could skin and fillet it while it was fresh. He never really got crazy about lots of lures, or fancy poles or tackle. A worm, a minnow, or maybe a black and silver Rapala was all he needed to be content.

Wildlife Matters: Wisconsin's Natural World

Sep 22, 2016

Life is a grain of sand

Sep 19, 2016

An Eagle River man defied the odds when he was born clinically dead and wasn’t expected to live longer than a couple minutes. Now 20 year old RJ Schmoll is a high school graduate, a college student and a business man. WXPR’s Miranda Vander Leest has that story…

Visit Awesome Outcast's Facebook page to see RJ's work. RJ will be at Cranberry Fest October 1 & 2 selling his art. 

Gift of the Harvest; Wild Ricing

Sep 12, 2016

Wild rice is almost as old as history itself, and each year more and more people are attracted to the joys of wild rice harvesting. Through the collection of wild rice, harvesters are able to explore the best of Wisconsin, collect their own food and support the local economy. 

WXPR’s Miranda Vander Leest hit the Rhinelander Flowage with Scott Eshelman of Newbold last week to find out how wild rice harvesting is done. 

Scott Eshelman says he’s will to teach anyone who’s interested in learning to harvest wild rice out on the flowage.  


  WXPR's Ken Krall spoke with Dr. Charles Shabino of Wausau, who is Wisconsin Hospital Association  chief medical officer and the Board Chairman of the Wisconsin Council On Medical Education Workforce, the group that authored a recent report on physician retention.

Of particular concern is finding and keeping doctors in rural areas....

Election Program

Aug 4, 2016

The Wisconsin Primary Election will be held Tuesday, August 9th. WXPR presents a one hour program featuring Congressional, State and local offices.

Lemonade for love

Aug 1, 2016
Rhinelander Police Department

  A Northwoods girl is taking a stand against hate crimes across the country and is proposing a delicious country wide campaign for love. WXPR’s Miranda Vander Leest has that story…

Angela says she’s not sure when her next lemonade stand will be, but says she’s looking forward to her next one. She says people should drive by Davenport Estates just in case she's on duty.

Hitting the Streets: Are Radios Obsolete?

Jul 13, 2016

This week is the beginning of a new series of features with Anna Catlin. In tonight’s feature she takes to the streets of Rhinelander to talk to visitors and residents about their method of listening to music




Wild Instincts

  A Rhinelander man’s instincts led him to his lifelong passion and career, but he’s also put Rhinelander on the map as one of the top rehab centers in the country.  

Mark Naniot has been mending orphaned and injured wildlife for nearly 40 years, and is the rehab director for Wild Instincts in Rhinelander.

Our Forests and Sustainability

Jul 12, 2016

  For this month’s edition of Field Notes, Scott Bowe of Kemp Natural Resources Station talks about the importance of the forest industry and the ecological role it plays when it comes to our forest’s well-being.  

Scott Bowe has taken over Tom Steele’s position at Kemp Station as well as his position in the rotation for Field Notes.

Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology

A new voice will be added to WXPR's airwaves soon.

Scott Bowe has taken over Tom Steele's position as Superintendent of Kemp Natural Resources Station, and he's  taking over Steele's spot for the monthly saga Field Notes. Bowe stopped by the studios last week to record his first episode. Miranda Vander Leest caught up with Bowe about his new on-air and off-air duties. 

Tune in Tuesday, July 12 at 7:45 and 5:45 for Scott Bowe's first episode of WXPR's monthly commentary Field Notes. 

Adventures at the Camp 5 Museum in Laona

Jul 6, 2016
Anna Catlin

The Vulcan Steam Train in Laona celebrated it’s 100th birthday last weekend. Anna Catlin experienced first hand the Camp 5 Museum and the Vulcan in all it’s glory. She spoke to visitors and president of the Camp 5 Museum Foundation, Cate Dellin.










As the doors of Many Ways of Peace in downtown Eagle River closed this past week another door opened for founder Mary Jo Berner. Anna Catlin went to the closing ceremony last Tuesday and talked to both Mary Jo and many of her dedicated friends, and members of Many Ways of Peace.