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FoodShare is Wisconsin's version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, provides food benefits, and education to low-income households. Recipients spend their benefits to buy eligible food in authorized retail food stores. But there's a new drug testing program is in the final review stage in Madison after being approved by Governor Walker.

Some 800 high school students will be further “schooled” in the art of tournament fishing on the Minocqua Chain of Lakes this coming February.

Minocqua Area Chamber group travel coordinator Jane Kincheloe tells the town board they believe the boost in the local economy will be felt beyond Minocqua: gramzon

Purchase of 117 acres of DNR lands in St. Germain by Vilas County will allow withdrawl of county forest land for future expansion of the Highway G landfill, but who pays the $180,000 price was debated last Thursday by the county forestry committee.

With little money in the forestry segregated land account, Supervisor Art Kunde suggested the 14 municipal members of the Landfill Venture Group chip in for the purchase since they are asking to lease 72 acres that have to be withdrawn from the county forest.

Rhinelander School District

About 17 percent of children in the Northwoods live below the poverty level.

Rhinelander High School FBLA/DECA has launched the annual Jeans for Teens drive from now until January 5 .

The group is collecting gently used jeans and giving them to teens who need them as explained by Abby Krueger, VP of Community Service, for the FBLA/DECA chapter....

State Dems: Rural Wisconsin Loses With No Net Neutrality

Dec 8, 2017

Wisconsin News Connection is here.

Protests were held this week in  Madison and cities all across the nation to demonstrate public support for net neutrality.

At issue is whether the Internet should be regulated like a public utility, with equal access for all content providers.

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote next week on net neutrality, or what the FCC calls Internet freedom, and is expected to do away with net neutrality.

Only Four Deer Culled From Nuisance Herd In Minocqua

Dec 8, 2017
National Park Service

While 19 managed hunt permits were issued  to harvest a small herd of deer consuming flowers, shrubs and even small trees on the east side of the Island of Minocqua, only four deer have been harvested as of Dec. 5, according to town officials.

Minocqua, with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ blessing, had a total of 30 permits to issue hunters (archery only) to cull the herd of about 30 animals. Residents on that side of town complained that the deer were destroying their cedar and arbor vitae trees, as well as landscape plantings.

Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss One Homicide Charge

Dec 8, 2017 mdesigns

A defense motion to dismiss one homicide charge against an Eagle River man, Jereamiah Solis, 19 was denied in Vilas County court Thursday with a preliminary hearing set for December 14th.

The news this week of the American government placing it's embassy in Jerusalem was of particular interest to a Harshaw resident. Elaine Strite lived in the Middle East for 27 years, including Egypt for fifteen years where she taught English, and founded a project there for women. She also lived in Lebanon for two years, and ten years in Palestine.

WXPR's Ken Krall asked Strite about the embassy change and future ramifications...

Elaine Strite of Harshaw in Oneida county  talking with Ken Krall. Elaine Strite is a member of WXPR's Board of Directors.


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Groups Mobilize to Keep Net Neutrality Protections

WASHINGTON - Civil rights advocates are sounding the alarm after Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans to overturn Obama-era rules that require the Internet to be regulated like a utility. Alfredo Lopez, founder of the social justice technology firm May First/People Link, says the 2015 decision ensures that all Americans - regardless of race, religion or economic status - can make their voices heard. "And that's what net neutrality protects," he points out. "When...

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