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The 1.5 million people who live in rural Wisconsin are finding greater challenges finding and retaining medical professionals in their communities.

The President and CEO of Wisconsin Hospital Association, Eric Borgerding applauds the state Assembly for forwarding a set of proposals put together by WHA to address the problem. Borgerding says a two-edged problem in rural health care will be happening soon with an aging population need more care, and fewer people to provide it.

He says helping find, train and keep home-grown talent is essential...

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The furnaces are coming on as the colder weather settles in, and officials at Wisconsin Public Service are asking low-income residents to apply for energy assistance funds.

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program helps people pay winter heating bills. Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Leah Van Zile says if you should check your household eligibility....

The Oneida County Board has approved a $15 million dollar state loan help buy and renovate the former Printpak building on Kemp Street in Rhinelander.

The complex deal includes Oneida County getting the money from the Board of Commissioners Of Public Lands, sending to the Northeast Wisconsin Development Corporation who in turn will get the former manufacturing plant ready for Rhinelander Coated Products. a business unit of Expera Specialty Solutions, that will make silicone-coated paper release liners.

A Land O' Lakes business leader says they've had a good tourism summer and he attributes at least some of that to a website they launched five months ago.

Mark Gosticha of the Land O’ Lakes Accommodations Commission says the extra marketing helped...

"'s only been up for five months, and we've had over 20,000 page views in the past five months. The time people have stayed on the pages, we're beating industry records and we're averaging about two minutes a page, so they really must be liking what they are seeing on there...."

The Executive Director of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association based in Antigo says it has been a good weather year for the potato crop and prices are stable.

Tamas Houlihan says the crop had a good weather year...

"....the last couple of years we've had unusual springs where it was either too cold or too wet This year most of the crop got in the ground on time We had plenty of moisture throughout the growing season. We didn't have too many hot days which can stunt the growth of potatoes. We had some nice cool nights..."

The criminal practice of "skimming" has hit Wisconsin.

The state's Consumer Protection agency says it's aware of skimmers at gas stations throughout the state using either false card readers that slip over the real ones, or cables that steal data before it gets to the main circuits of gas pumps.

Jerad Albracht of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says when you put your card in the pump, the information is siphoned off by an internal skimmer....

Water-bottling Plant Being Built In Marenisco

Sep 12, 2016
Pete Rondello

Developers of a proposed water-bottling plant that sparked an outcry in Presque Isle, Wis., are on track now to begin similar production this November in Marenisco, Mich., according to a township supervisor.

Formerly known as the Carlin Water Company, the company is now labeled Superior Springs, LLC. Well-known grocer Tregve “Trig” Solberg is one of the plant’s developers. Solberg plans to sell Superior Springs bottled water in his grocery stores and gasoline service stations, as well as in outlets across the nation. No decision has been made on branding the bottles.

It's Labor Day and a state union official says today's workers should remember the hard fought benefits they have today.

Stephanie Bloomingdale is Secretary Treasurer of the state AFL-CIO. She says sometimes workers forget the sacrifices others made for them...

"....the 40 hour work week, the weekend, workers compensation, safe work places, overtime protection, sick leave....these didn't come about by accident they are because of the men and women who came before us who fought for these...."

She says these privileges can be taken away....

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation has awarded several area emergency service agencies with money to upgrade equipment they use.

In this region, the Pickerel Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Rhinelander Police and Fire Departments, Woodruff Fire Department, Argonne Volunteer Fire Department, Oneida County Public Safety Dive Team all were given grants.

WPS spokesperson Leah Van Zile details the awards...

Some layoffs are likely at one of Tomahawk's main employers.

Harley-Davidson is offering voluntary layoffs to hourly workers to reduce staff by about 25 percent.

Company officials told news outlets Wednesday it was giving itself flexibility to hire seasonal workers. About 39 positions in Tomahawk will be affected and will likely take place later this year.

Parts of the Northwoods are back to pre-Great Recession employment levels according to state unemployment numbers. Wisconsin's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate held steady at 4.2 percent, a 15 year low, while adding more than 45,000 private sector jobs over the year ending July 2016.

Wisconsin's labor force participation rate ranked seventh among states. State Labor Market Analyst Scott Hodek says the Northwoods followed the lower trend from one year ago. He says to the surprise of few, one sector dominated the hiring....

Looks like gas prices are inching up as we approach Labor Day, and the cause comes from the Middle East.

The website gas keeps an eye on gas price trends. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says two oil producing countries are causing the markets to get the jitters....

"....gas prices have been inching up as prices have risen about 20 percent in the last three weeks. Gas prices now rising in tandem. It's likely that could continue for the next week as we approach Labor Day weekend...."

Oneida county and the city of Rhinelander have been asked to lend $15 million dollars so Rhinelander Coated Products can set up shop in the former Printpak building on Kemp Street. Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Director Roger Luce says negotiations are underway to enter into a lease/purchase contract with Rhinelander Coated Products .....

Vilas Co. Lawsuit Wants Changes In Minimum Markup Law

Aug 23, 2016

The plaintiff in a new lawsuit against Wisconsin's minimum markup law has filed numerous complaints against competitors for violating that law.

The conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty said  it's representing the Krist Oil Company in a Vilas County lawsuit that seeks to repeal the 1939 product pricing requirements.

First Phase of Streetscape Project Coming to a Close

Aug 1, 2016

  There’s been delays and it’s been months in the making, but locals can expect the first phase of the Streetscape project to be complete soon.

Davenport Street Bridge and Rives Street are expected to open within the next week or so; that’s according to Public Works Director Tim Kingman.

Kingman says bad bridge decking on Davenport and other disruptions with the project on the West side caused some delays.