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Oneida county and the city of Rhinelander have been asked to lend $15 million dollars so Rhinelander Coated Products can set up shop in the former Printpak building on Kemp Street. Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Director Roger Luce says negotiations are underway to enter into a lease/purchase contract with Rhinelander Coated Products .....

Vilas Co. Lawsuit Wants Changes In Minimum Markup Law

Aug 23, 2016

The plaintiff in a new lawsuit against Wisconsin's minimum markup law has filed numerous complaints against competitors for violating that law.

The conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty said  it's representing the Krist Oil Company in a Vilas County lawsuit that seeks to repeal the 1939 product pricing requirements.

First Phase of Streetscape Project Coming to a Close

Aug 1, 2016

  There’s been delays and it’s been months in the making, but locals can expect the first phase of the Streetscape project to be complete soon.

Davenport Street Bridge and Rives Street are expected to open within the next week or so; that’s according to Public Works Director Tim Kingman.

Kingman says bad bridge decking on Davenport and other disruptions with the project on the West side caused some delays.

Some damage was reported in Wisconsin's cranberry marshes, but an industry spokesperson says overall this year's crop looks pretty good.

The Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association Executive Director Tom Lochner says in northwestern Wisconsin some damage was reported but overall, good growing conditions are prevailing...

A state Division of Consumer Affairs official says the recent flooding in northern Wisconsin likely will also bring out a group of con artists selling cheap repairs door-to-door.

Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection's Division head Frank Frassetto says look our for contractors whose offer doesn't seem right...

With the clock ticking, an advocacy group is asking insurance companies to come up with what are called 'low-out of pocket' insurance plans.

This week Citizen Action of Wisconsin reports on July 22, insurers need to submit 2017 plan designs to the state for the health marketplace, The group was asking the companies to offer what are known as Low Out-Of-Pocket health plans that provide health care access at costs that working families can afford by reducing deductibles.

A group hoping to preserve freight rail shipping in the Northwoods is going to try for a third time to get a federal grant to get rail cars for use by loggers.

The Northwoods Rail Transit Commission has been working toward a plan to help the industry. Officials say the harvesting and transporting of logs throughout the Great Lakes forest area has long suffered from the lack of private investment to provide an adequate fleet of railcars dedicated to transportation of logs forest-to-mill.

A study by the website found in some areas of the country, driving just a few miles could mean a wide variance in gas prices. In Wisconsin, not so much.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says they found some of the widest gaps between cheaper and more expensive gas in California. He says there, motorists could save by just driving a few miles to a cheaper station. But in Wisconsin, DeHaan says prices tend to be closer...

Housing numbers released by Wisconsin Realtors Association show the state's market has returned to pre-Great Recession levels.

Economist David Clark says the May 2016 numbers show a significant milestone as the median price reached $165,000...

"....the recession, given that it was primarily linked to the housing market had caused those median prices to drop to $136,000 by the time they got to May of 2011. Looking at those May median price figures, we have gotten back to those pre-recession levels....."

Suspects are being sought for a scam involving counterfeit PlayStation 4 video games.

The scam involves several north-central Wisconsin Wal-Mart stores. In total, the loss is more than $3,700 dollars to Wisconsin Wal-Mart stores, including several in this region.

Law enforcement says a man and a woman approach the stores with a receipt and what appears to be PlayStation 4 video games. In Wausau, $250 were returned, along with what appeared to be a legitimate receipt from a store in Kansas. After the returns were sold again, they were found to be counterfeit.

It's vacation time, but a state consumer affairs spokesperson says it's not time to relax as identity thieves can strike quickly if you let your guard down. Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Affairs spokesperson Jerad Albracht says a few suggestions include using a credit card instead of a debit card as the credit card offers more protection if lost or stolen. says be careful not to take along identity cards like Social Security, Medicare and banking cards. He says be very careful of ATM machines. A growing concern are skimmers.

AAA Wisconsin is out with a new website designed to help travelers compare gas prices as they travel.  is a type of one-stop shop for consumers says AAA spokesperson Nick Jarmusz....

"....that can be used by either the media or consumers to check out what the average prices are in their area and compare it to the averages from previous days, previous weeks, a month up to a year ago...."

Jarmusz gives an example...

Wisconsin Public Service

Another week, another telephone scam has hit the Northwoods. This time officials at Wisconsin Public Service say scammers are upping the pressure to get you to pay a bill you don't owe.

Here's spokesperson Leah Van Zile....

".....scammers are contacting businesses and restuarants saying that they're going to be disconnected unless they make immediate payment with a prepaid credit card. That's something we'd never do, ask for immediate payment with a pre-paid credit card...."

We're into the early part of the summer construction season, but a word of caution has been sent out from officials: careful where you dig or it could cost you big bucks.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Leah Van Zile says before you dig, call 8-1-1 to make sure you're not going to accidentally cut utility service...

"....there are many utilities buried underground, from electric and gas to water cable and fiber optics. It's really important(to call) as there are some dangerous cables under the ground...."

Wi. Dept.of Tourism

Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett recently  presented a $30,000 Joint Effort Marketing grant to the Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce for its new market research campaign.

Tomahawk Chamber's new Executive Director Jessica Witte outlines where the money will go...

"....the majority of the grant will be used to do some research, again, do some very pointed tourism research to see what is bringing people to the area. The second phase of the grant will be used to set up a marketing and branding initiative...."