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Last week  the Rhinelander City Council approved it, and Tuesday the Oneida County Board put its stamp of approval on it. The Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport is jointly owned by both the city and the county.

The terminal building has been named for a man who brought the modern airport to Rhinelander: Robert Heck.

43 years ago, Heck began working with federal state and local officials to upgrade the service at the airport.

Oneida County Board chair David Hintz said it was Bob Heck's efforts that kept air service in Rhinelander...

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The state is requiring counties to have a new set of mining rules in effect by July 1.

As Oneida county is working on getting it's ordinances into alignment, the county board voted to open the process a bit more. A significant deposit of minerals exist under county forest land in the town of Lynne. With the end of the state's mining moratorium law, it's commonly thought mining companies again will be looking to extract minerals there.

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A 100-thousand dollar grant from the state will help expand broadband internet access to more parts of Oneida County.

The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation was notified by the Public Service Commission they will receive $100,000 of $218 thousand dollars requested to flesh out more fast internet to underserved areas. Development Corporation Executive Director Roger Luce says there was lots of competition for the money...

A new database technology has led state and local law enforcement to bust a meth lab in Eagle River.

The state Department of Justice and Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath announced the arrests of two people. Investigators obtained a search warrant for a home on US Hwy 45 after review of the National Precursor Log Exchange database revealed individuals residing at the residence had purchased unusual amounts of pseudoephedrine. The database is a real-time electronic log that tracks sales of over-the-counter medications containing pseudoephedrine.

Dog Park Proposed For Eagle River

Apr 17, 2018

Many communities have a public area designated as a dog park but communities have found creating a dog park is not as easy as it sounds yet the City of Eagle River has now lent it's support to find a location.

City Administrator Joe Laux formally asked the council to appoint an ad hoc committee to explore options for a dog park.

“This committee could look at possible locations,” Laux said. “Dog parks are very popular but we need a large area to allow dogs to roam without a leash. Dog owners tend to police themselves when using a dog park.”

'Listen Up' Session Featured Energized Citizens

Apr 15, 2018
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From issues of Northwoods’ water quality, to healthcare, to gold and silver as acceptable payment for debt, two dozen people voiced concerns to their elected representatives Saturday in Rhinelander.

About 70 people ignored the threat of a major snowstorm to take part in the listening session sponsored by the Northwoods Friends for Civic Participation and the group Voters Engaged. Coordinator Jane Banning says she is gratified with the response to the listening session. mdesigns

A Rhinelander area man has been charged in Vilas county with alleged false imprisonment, attempted robbery with the use of force and burglary, all felonies.

Judge Neal Nielsen amended bond to $1,000 cash for 43 year old Timothy Kulhanek  Thursday in Vilas County Circuit Court.

Internet court records indicate Judge Nielsen also set conditions that Kulhanek have no contact with one person, not to go to Glick's Store in Minocqua, not possess alcohol or go in taverns and make an appointment for mental health counseling.

A preliminary hearing was set for May 17.

Report: Many Baby Boomers Unprepared for Retirement

Apr 13, 2018 Stevepb

WASHINGTON - A new study confirms what others already have concluded: Many Baby Boomers haven't saved a dime for retirement, which can't help but mean trouble as they reach retirement age.

This is National Retirement Planning Week, an effort by consumer advocates, educators and financial-service organizations to promote comprehensive retirement planning.

Nicolet Area Technical College

Nearly one million dollars in grants have been awarded to Nicolet Area Technical College in competitive grants from Wisconsin Technical College System.

Nicolet applied for 11 grants. For the second straight year, the college was awarded 100 percent funding for each application that was submitted

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MINOCQUA -- The Minocqua Plan Commission entered into unchartered waters this week when they took up a request to place portable storage buildings -- but no office or sales personnel -- on a rented parcel south of the Island of Minocqua. Later, they took up the matter of food trucks plying their trade on the Island. Again, there was no map for the commissioners to follow in making a recommendation to the town board.

School District of Rhinelander

The possibility of the School District of Rhinelander buying the former St. Joseph's Catholic Church and school property came a bit closer this week.

The school board asked realtor Ron Skagen to draft an offer to purchase the property not to exceed $649,000. Superintendent Kelli Jacobi outlined to the board some options...

"....I went through what a possible reconfiguration would look like, why we have a need for additional space. Then we talked about, 'why did we sell buildings if we were going to need space?'..."

Bike Trails Proposed In Presque Isle

Apr 12, 2018

Expanding bike routes in western Vilas County is proposed by the Presque Isle Wilderness Peddlers using county highway right-of-way with approval granted by the county highway committee to conduct a feasibility study on the potential routes.

Spokesperson Sarah Johnson appeared before the committee last Tuesday and outlined their request to use Highway W at Presque Isle west to Highway P and then south on Highway P to Highway K at the North Lakeland elementary school, all off the travel surface.

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When Dick Johns first was on the Rhinelander City Council, Lyndon Johnson was U.S. President.

After 54 years, Johns conducted his last city council meeting Monday night after 13 years as mayor. Johns says when he first started, the city and neighboring towns all acted like individual entities but that attitude has changed...

Oneida County Sheriff's Department

A Tripoli man was sentenced a second time for a shooting incident in April, 2016 and this time there's only probation, not jail time.

62 year old Kenneth Welsh was convicted of reckless endangerment and being intoxicated with a firearm during an earlier plea agreement but other elements of the situation were presented.

Walker Signs Sara's Law, Comments On Ryan Departure

Apr 11, 2018

Less than one year after the Wausau Metro Strong group began working with lawmakers to craft a bill that would increase penalties for those who threaten anyone involved in a family law situation, Governor Scott Walker has signed Sara’s Law.

“Obviously I’m very pleased,” said Scott Williams Sann, the husband of Sara Quirt Sann who was killed by the former husband of one of her clients in March of 2018. “Going through the channels, timing, things just worked out well. I’m very blessed and thankful for that.”