Two resolutions and one ordinance were the only agenda items of interest at the regular June 28 meeting of the Vilas County board of supervisors is what may be the shortest meeting in recent memory.

An ordinance amending Chapter 26 having to do with allowing ATV's and UTV's on nine-tenths of a mile of Highway E in the town of Phelps was adopted on a vote of 16-5. It will allow access between South Shore Road and Caskey Lane to Blong Road and West Shore Road.

The Vilas County Sheriff's Department is hoping the public will help out to find the person who allegedly burglarized the Little Creek Coffee Company, Highway 51 in Arbor Vitae.

June 22, the Sheriff's Department received an alarm from Little Creek Coffee Company. Deputies determined the business had been burglarized.

If you have more information, contact the Sheriff's Department.

 Rhinelander artists and enthusiasts alike are trying to bring the School of the Arts back to the Northwoods after it was shut down last year. Anna Catlin has more on that story…


More information on the Northern National Art Competition is available on Nicolet College’s website.

A policy to introduce random drug testing for Northland Pines school district high school students will be finalized for presentation and possible introduction by the school board in July.

Cost Of Tree Removal Stalls Minocqua Project

Jun 28, 2016
Dean S. Acheson photo

Minocqua supervisors applied the parking brake at their last meeting when they saw the price tag to remove two dozen trees along Dr. Pink Drive in advance of a proposed road project.

Director of Public Works Mark Pertile said the trees are on the road edge and snowplows have hit them over the years. Pitlik & Wick of Eagle River bid $140,000 to repave about a half mile of Dr. Pink Drive. But the $22,000 to have a tree service cut the trees and remove and grind the stumps drew opposition from supervisors.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an average 230 fireworks-related injuries near and on the 4th of July.

A local public health nurse says by following a few safety tips, fireworks users don't have to join the injury statistics. Rob Deede from the Oneida County Health Department says only purchase fireworks from a reputable dealer. He says light fireworks on a hard, flat surface and has other tips...

31 trade and business associations have come out with a proposal to repeal Wisconsin's personal property tax.

Coalition spokesperson Michelle Kussow of the Wisconsin Grocers Association says items like store coolers and other property in stores is also taxed. They feel this has developed into a burdensome tax....

" has become a very large expense for a lot of small businesses. It has become an issue on the top of the grocers priority list for several decades. We decided to pull together a coalition and make it a priority issue...."

A group hoping to preserve freight rail shipping in the Northwoods is going to try for a third time to get a federal grant to get rail cars for use by loggers.

The Northwoods Rail Transit Commission has been working toward a plan to help the industry. Officials say the harvesting and transporting of logs throughout the Great Lakes forest area has long suffered from the lack of private investment to provide an adequate fleet of railcars dedicated to transportation of logs forest-to-mill.

 The Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest is looking for volunteers this summer. Opportunities are available for anyone interested in helping take care of our natural resources. Forest spokesperson, Hilary Markin...


Nicolet  college is launching a new, two-year Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse associate degree program this fall. The 64-credit program will train students to treat people struggling with drug, alcohol, and other issues. Dean of Health occupations at Nicolet College, Lenore  Blemke, says students with this degree will be able to help people in the community.


Wisconsin Education Association Council

The incoming president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council says teacher recruitment and retention is a key focus as educators gather for the annual National Education Association meeting in the nation's capitol. Ron Martin is a middle school teacher in the Eau Claire area. He says finding and keeping teachers is critical...

".....the biggest issues are teacher recruitment and retention. That's really important, being able to encourage individuals to go into the profession and then how do we keep them in the profession, so that's a big issue...."

  The MJ Berner Foundation for Peace and Justice Inc, has decided to close the doors of Many Ways of Peace, which it founded in July of 2009. A closing ceremony will be held on Tuesday, June 28th at 1pm at their building in downtown Eagle River. Founder and President of the foundation, Mary Jo Berner says they realized they could continue their mission without having a physical place.


Construction On Vilas County "M" Spring, 2017

Jun 27, 2016

Reconstruction on the southern portion of Highway M in Vilas County will be done next spring should modifications favored by the county highway committee be accepted. Those modifications are having a three foot paved shoulder rather than five feet and no rumble strips on pavement edges.

The project is 2.7 miles from Highway 51 north to Highway N and will cost a maximum of $2 million. Initial plans called for five feet of paved shoulders to accommodate bicycles but the committee pointed out there was no designated bike trail from Highway 70 going north to Highway M.

The number of people employed in Wisconsin continues to grow and the unemployment level in the Northwoods has dropped significantly, even given seasonal hiring. That's the summary from the latest Department of Workforce Development report released last week.

Labor Market Economist Scott Hodek says the statewide unadjusted  rate was 3.8 percent, that level hasn't been seen since the 1990's...

".....not only did you have the standard seasonal movement downward from April to May. In some cases you had from .8 percent to 1.5 percent point down from last May...."

Nicolet Area Technical College

The Nicolet College Board of Trustees recently approved a budget for next year that is a five percent reduction from last year. Board President Ron Zimmerman says the reduction was significant....

" came in under budget from last year is $36.5(million) and the previous year it was 38.6, so that is almost two million(reduction) actually...."