The DNR is out with an updated fish consumption guide. The advisory helps the public know about toxins that gather in the flesh of fish and what it might mean from a health standpoint says Candy Schrank, a DNR toxicologist.

Advice for some inland lakes and impoundments, where mercury is the primary fish contaminant, was also updated. Fish consumption advice varies by location and species of fish and ranges from unrestricted or one serving per week to "do not eat" says Schrank...

It won't start until November, as  a U.S. District judge ruled this week voters without standard ID will be able to cast ballots, but they have to swear at the polling place they are who they are.

Judge Lynn Adelman says Wisconsin's current Voter ID law doesn't allow voters with challenges getting ID's to cast a ballot, and dropped a portion of Wisconsin's law.

Jane Trotter from the League of Women Voters of the Northwoods says voters without ID's will be able to cast a ballot...

Minocqua Seeks Cost Share For Repair of Blackhawk Trail

Jul 20, 2016

The Minocqua Town Board says it is willing to share the cost of repairing a washed out section of Blackhawk Trail owned jointly by Minocqua and Lac du Flambeau townships.

Minocqua supervisors say they will go a step further and turn over the entire maintenance of the gravel road to Lac du Flambeau, which then could collect the $500 in annual state gasoline tax Minocqua currently receives for snowplowing and other maintenance.

Officials are reminding the public to take it easy and find ways to get cool during our mid-summer hot spell.

Tuesday we talked about ways to stay cool and that information is on the WXPR website.

Wednesday, Oneida County Emergency Management spokesperson Dawn Robinson says people without air conditioning can go to places in the Minoqua, Rhinelander and Eagle River areas that are air conditioned and usually open...

The Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the Hodag’s newly refurbished claws yesterday morning. Local sculptor, Chuck Williams reattached the laws this June after they were stolen last winter. Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Bill Clow says Chuck Williams offered his skills to give the Hodag his claws back.

VC Zoning Approves 60 Unit Campground

Jul 19, 2016

A conditional use permit was approved for a proposed 60 unit campground in Sayner by the Vilas County zoning committee after a recent public hearing.

The campground, proposed by Russell Davis, would cater to recreation vehicles, not tent campers. As proposed, there would be two driveways on adjacent Highway N, one for entering and the other for exiting, with opinions the speed limit at that location needed to be reduced.

American Red Cross

For the past week, the American Red Cross has joined with other relief agencies to offer support for people affected by the flooding on the Bad River Band Reservation.

Spokesperson Barbara Behling says the Red Cross relief team has been fully activated. She says Tuesday and Wednesday, the Red Cross is offering help for people severely affected by the flooding...

Hilary Markin-CNNF

Progress is being reported in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, also hit hard last week by flooding and subsequent damage.

Forest spokesperson Hilary Markin said they know what damage has occurred...

"...we are working through our assessments. We've completed our road assessments. We've identified nearly 100 obstructions have been identified. Places where a bridge has been washed out, a culvert has been washed out and other impacts that are a hazard to the public. We're making repairs as we go along...."

State emergency management and health officials are urging everyone to “beat the heat” as temperatures reach summertime highs this week. Heat can be dangerous to anyone, but especially so people with health conditions and pets.

The Northwoods’ most famous mythical creature has his eyes set on the White House. The Rhinelander Hodag announced his campaign for presidency this morning at the Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce. Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Bill Clow spoke on his behalf.

On Wednesday, the Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Department is hosting a plant ID day from 1pm to 4pm at the Hodag Park boat landing. Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, Stephanie Boismenue says people can bring plants and animals to be identified.

"Wednesday July 20th, the Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Department is holding a plant ID day and actually it’s not just for plants.. Its for any animal, whether it's an insect or a fish you may have in your lake. Or if you have a plant that you need ID’ed on, our department can certainly help you with that.”

A state Division of Consumer Affairs official says the recent flooding in northern Wisconsin likely will also bring out a group of con artists selling cheap repairs door-to-door.

Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection's Division head Frank Frassetto says look our for contractors whose offer doesn't seem right...

Roads, Sidewalk Art Featured At Recent ER Meeting

Jul 19, 2016

Issues with roads and sidewalks occupied discussion at a Eagle River city council meeting (7/12) that included a decision on Pleasure Island Road, final payment of the Division Street project, a new process for some road segments, and allowing a special sidewalk art project.

Wisconsin Housing Posts Strongest First Half Since 2005

Jul 18, 2016

  Wisconsin home sales for the first half of 2016 are the highest in eleven years, that’s according state Economist David Clark. He says Wisconsin realtors sold about 38,150 homes from January through June; that’s about a 5.5 percent increase from June of last year. Clark says the number of available houses on the market has dropped by 14 percent causing prices to rise…

 “…the northern region was actually quite a bit more; it was up 7.8 percent in terms of volume. The median prices were up about 5.7 percent.”

Olson Library Looking At New Architect For Project

Jul 18, 2016

The Walter E. Olson Memorial Library Foundation approved a number of motions last week including taking the lead for renovation and expansion of the library, accepting ownership of the property, contracting with OPN architects, and establishing a library foundation building committee.