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Several Northwoods schools were winners this week at the 22nd annual Solar Olympics, held at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The competition is sponsored by Wisconsin Public Service.

WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen outlines the competition...

Vilas Co. Seeking Money To Rebuild County "B"

May 18, 2018

Reconstruction of 25 miles of Vilas County highway "B" between Land O' Lakes and Presque Isle, could be eligible for an 80 percent federal highway grant according to Vilas County highway commissioner Nick Scholtes in a report to the Vilas county highway committee.

The work is estimated to cost $5 million.

Get a Job: Experts See Benefits in Service-Sector Summer Employment

May 18, 2018

NEW YORK - With the end of the school year right around the corner, students and parents are considering how they might spend the summer. And while the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a decline in teen employment in the years since the Great Recession, experts say summer jobs should not be overlooked.

  • A body is recovered from a Lac du Flambeau lake,
  • There's a shortage of one type of public defense attorneys,
  • Bears are starting to look for food in your backyard,
  • School of the Arts returns this fall.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is considering a petition from criminal defense lawyers that asks to up the pay they receive for clients who can't afford to pay for an attorney but are facing criminal charges.

Former Northwoods Public Defender Ann Munninghoff-Eshelman hired on as this type of for-hire attorney after retiring from the Public Defender's office. Munninghoff-Eshelman says a number of defendants either don't qualify for a Public Defender... though they don't have a lot of money... or more likely, the Public Defender has a conflict in the case...

Black bears are out and about after the extended winter and they're hungry. That fact makes your backyard birdfeeder or trash can, to them, the equivalent of the local drive-in fast food place.

Brad Koele is a DNR wildlife damage specialist in Woodruff. Koele says he's already had a bear sniffing around his house...

Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

After a restart last year, ArtStart in Rhinelander is announcing an expanded School of the Arts will return this fall.

The school had been the effort of each summer in Rhinelander of UW-Madison for more than 50 years, but was canceled by the Continuing Studies program in November of 2016. After a year of no School of the Arts, ArtStart revived the program under a different format last year and will offer a four-day program this September.

Wisconsin DOJ

A body was removed from a lake in Lac du Flambeau Thursday morning as searchers have been looking for a missing Lac du Flambeau man.

In early afternoon, no name of the deceased has been released. The person was found in Pokegama Lake around 10:00 a.m Thursday. Thursday afternoon the Department of Justice ended a missing person notice for Roche.

No one was saying whether the body is that of 24 year old Antonio Roche who has been missing for several days.

Reconstruction of Vilas County "B" Moving Forward

May 17, 2018
Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

Reconstruction of 25 miles of Vilas county "B"  between Land O' Lakes and Presque Isle, estimated to cost $5 million, could be eligible for a 80% federal highway grant according to Vilas County highway commissioner Nick Scholtes (SHOAL-tees) report to the county highway committee.

Bladerunner8u / Wikimedia

Chances are, if you haven’t yet seen your first snake of the year, you will soon.

In this week's episode of Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist talks about snakes of northern Wisconsin.

Senate Votes to Block FCC's Net-Neutrality Rollback

May 17, 2018

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate took a stand on open internet protections yesterday, voting 52-47 to stop a recent move by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back net neutrality rules finalized under the Obama administration. A similar bill will now go to the House, where a majority would need to sign on to force a vote.

  •   The $100 child rebate is proving popular says the Dept. of Revenue Secretary,
  •   Lots of activity on Rhinelander streets for 2018 & 2019,
  •  The Arts contribute a lot of money to Wisconsin's economy,
  •  The Rhinelander District Library is hoping to restore a part of the past. Alexas_Fotos

While the arts are fun and creative, a state arts leader says the arts are also a growing component of an areas economy.

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities and Arts Wisconsin are partnering to make this Creative Economy Week. Director Anne Katz of Arts Wisconsin says this is the third year the two organizations have teamed up to shine a spotlight on the creative economy. Katz says Wisconsin's economy centers on manufacturing and agriculture and that isn't likely to change, but the future economy will have a creative component...

Natalie Jablonski

A return to another time is coming to the Rhinelander District Library.

The Rhinelander District Library Board has approved a restoration of the former Carnegie entrance. Library Director Virginia Roberts says for a number of years they've had problems with the entrance off Stevens Street closing down for the winter due to engineering issues when the building was constructed...


The City of Rhinelander will soon begin the process of fixing aging streets, and they're eyeing another big project just north of the downtown.

Public Works Director Tim Kingman told the city council this week they are looking at getting grants for the project . The projected cost: more than $17 million dollars....