Record Number Of Hunting Dog Deaths

Oct 12, 2016

State wildlife officials say a record number of hunting dogs were killed by gray wolves in the recent bear hunting season.

The D-N-R says at least 40 hunting dogs were confirmed dead during the bear hunt that ended Tuesday -- way up from the previous record of 23.

The Wisconsin State Journal says some people blame a federal court decision which ended  the state's wolf hunt almost two years ago, while some say bear hunters should have the good sense to stay away from areas where their dogs could be put in jeopardy.

Ken Krall WXPR

Governor Scott Walker met with Oneida County, Rhinelander, and school officials Tuesday for his 64th listening session to Wisconsin counties. Meeting with reporters after the session, Walker had little to say about his former Republican Presidential opponent Donald Trump and Trump's loss of Republican endorsements following the release of audio about women...

Walker says his goal in the next two-year budget is to expand broadband beyond what the federal government is providing to three local service providers....

The League of Women Voters of the Northwoods is encouraging candidates to fill out their profiles on the Vote website and hopes the public takes a moment to check it out.

An attorney with seven years experience as a Corporation Counsel in Adams County, Jack Albert of Wisconsin Rapids, will be offered the position of Vilas County Corporation Counsel.

That position is is expected to become vacant when current Corporation Counsel Martha Milanowski is likely elected District Attorney next month. After the primary election, Milanowski is unopposed.

Ken Krall WXPR

Three Davenport Street business owners complained Monday night about the slow reopening of that street as part of the downtown Streetscape project.

Aaron Schultz, Jeanne Pederson and John Stoehr all complained that the extended work on the street caused extreme financial difficulties.

Schultz, owner of Big Daddy's hoped the city would provide better communication to local businesses when delays happen...

Two persons died in a Price county high-speed chase and crash Monday.

The Wisconsin State Patrol reports a Price County Sheriff's deputy attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding on Highway 13 about 11:00 a.m. The driver pulled over to the side of the road. As the deputy pulled up, the driver sped off at a high rate of speed and a chase began. The vehicle abruptly pulled into the southbound lane, striking another vehicle head-on. Both drivers were alone in the vehicles and were killed in the crash.

The crash happened on Highway 13 at Dama Road near Phillips.

The increasing number of identity thefts and scams prompts the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council to provide all computer users with a series of tips to lower the risk of cyber crime.

Tod Pritchard from the state Department of Military Affairs says one common way crooks get to your digital info is through an innocent looking link...

"....they're trying to get you to click on that link, and unfortunately, sometimes that link is basically an entre to get into your computer to send you malware and start doing nasty things...."

UW-Madison's Kemp Natural Resources Station in Woodruff will dedicate a new building Saturday that a leader says will mean activities can be scheduled all year long.

Superintendent Scott Bowe says the current meeting space above the boat house is limited to warmer months events, but the new building will enable year round gatherings...

"....the new classroom is a 4,500 square foot building that will have a large room capable of handling 85 people or more and a small classroom with a capacity of 35 people. The good thing is it will be available all year long...."

The Veterans Affairs Office has partnered with Walgreens for a third year to bring free flu shots to area veterans. That’s according to Iron Mountain’s Oscar G. Johnson Public Affairs Officer Brad Nelson.

Nelson says veterans who choose to get their flu shots at Walgreens don’t have to worry about keeping track of their medical records. He says their records will automatically be updated and the only thing they’ll need is a VA identification card to prove they’re enrolled in the VA health care system.

Forest County Sheriff's Department

Three men were arrested by Forest County authorities last week allegedly harvesting a marijuana grow near Armstrong Creek.

A 51 year old Waukesha man, a 32 year old Milwaukee man and a 35 year old man from Big Bend were arrested allegedly harvesting the plants. Inside a nearby residence deputies found marijuana, cocaine and drug devices.

All three are being held at the Forest County Jail on charges of Manufacturing THC, Possession with Intent to Deliver and Possession of Paraphernalia and Possession of Cocaine.

A second ethics complaint brought against Rhinelander city council member Steve Sauer has been dropped, but another complaint against him and another member will be heard next month on another matter.

Devin Smith

Devin Smith graduated from Lakeland Union High school in 2015. Since then he has become quite the expert in a very tiny field: miniatures. WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin got a chance to talk with Devin about how it all began.

Vilas County Forest Certification On Hold

Oct 10, 2016

Forest certification is being sought by more and more domestic and foreign markets but the Vilas County Forestry committee thinks forest certification is a back door attempt by environmental groups to take over management of the county forest.

Vilas County forest administrator John Gagnon told the committee he needs answers to concerns prior to making a recommendation on enrolling the county forest into a certification program. More documentation would be needed on monitoring roads and trail systems and along with contracts with recreation user groups.

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance has posed the question whether the long-standing relationship between the State of Wisconsin and its counties are changing.

Called "County Government in Wisconsin: An Overview of Organization, Responsibilities, and Funding", the report shows the growing tensions.

Alliance spokesperson David Callender says the main source of tension is the counties are an arm of state government and at the same time are responsible for raising revenue on their own....

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. A local anti-violence advocate says domestic violence exists in many people's homes and having a month set aside to discuss it is important.

Melissa K. is Domestic Violence Program Coordinator at Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She says people being abused often feel isolated and cut off from people around them. Melissa says it often starts where everything seems fine, but slowly escalates...