Northwoods Cafe Host

Hosts that rock!

Craig produces sound-rich features and breaking news coverage for WSHU’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. His features have run nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition, as well as on Marketplace....

Blues Friday Host

I strive to share all styles of blues with a special emphasis on its earlier root forms and the early blues pioneers, ‘cause “from the roots come the fruits.”

I think repeated exposure to many styles of blues music is the key to...

Substitute Host

Dan Bammes has deep Utah roots.  Heââââ

Dan Boyce provides radio and online reports daily from the State Capitol. A native Montanan, Dan was raised in Lewistown and graduated from the University of Montana with a broadcast journalism degree in December, 2008. He took the position of...

Dan Charles is NPR's food and agriculture correspondent.

Primarily responsible for covering farming and the food industry, Charles focuses on the stories of culture, business, and the science behind what arrives on your dinner plate.