Alzheimer's Association Seeking Volunteers To Reach Communities

Aug 8, 2017


The Alzheimer's Association-Greater Wisconsin Chapter is looking for volunteers to help bring the latest details of the disease to the public.

Spokesperson Kathy Davies says a community educator is a volunteer trained by the Alzheimer's Association to present topics related to dementias, including prevention, detection and caregiver resources.

She says each community has people who could be tapped....

"...we have found that there are a lot of professionals out there who are retired, been looking for a way to continue sharing their expertise. Many of them have been working with older adults, many of them have been in classroom settings. Our Community Educator Program allows them to deliver our Alzheimer Association programs as volunteers...."

Davies says with a growing older adult population in rural Wisconsin, this volunteer-led program will help the Alzheimer Association spread their message....

"'s an opportunity for us to expand education into many of our smaller, rural communities. Often it is difficult to have enough staff time to get into....."

Davies says they've had retired nurses and teachers who have already come forward to volunteer...

".....we've also had caregivers, persons who have cared for people for many years, cared for a loved one with this disease who also have a comfort level for being in front of a group. We've also had administrators from long-term care facilities who make excellent instructors..."

Davies says the presentation materials are not difficult and class sizes are about 10-15 persons.

Davies says anyone interested should call the Alzheimer's Association at 800- 272-3900 and ask for her.