Bids Opened For Olson Memorial Library Project

Mar 4, 2016


Bids opened last week for the renovation and expansion of the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library were much higher than the projected price of $2.5 million hoped for by the library Board Of Trustees.

Three firms submitted bids with all approaching or exceeding $4 million. The lowest base bid, $3,814,289, was submitted by Industrial Maintenance Services of Escanaba, Mich. When four alternatives were examined, their lowest price dropped to $3,761,488 for alternative one and remained the low bid.

Scherrer Construction of Burlington, Wis had a base bid of $$4,103,900. Their bid would go to $3,998,100 for alternative one.

Corporate Contractors of Beloit, Wis had a base bid o $4,109,731 and would drop to $3,932,689 with alternative one. Alternative one sought adjustments to the base bid that included eliminating the elevator, folding panel partition, security/fire, audio visual, pebble tile, and furnaces.

Library director Nan Andrews indicate time was their enemy and options will now be considered. “Our estimate was made in 2013 and with the bids known, we will have to lower our bid specifications and could change the method of construction,” Andrews said. “The building committee will meet this week and present options to the full board of trustees on March 23.”