Burmaster Says She Will Miss The Northwoods

May 7, 2014

Libby Burmaster
Credit Frederick Community College


College's departing president says she will greatly miss the Northwoods.

Tuesday, Libby Burmaster told staff she was returning to her hometown of Frederick, Maryland to be president of the community college there.

Burmaster succeeded Adrian Lorbetske at Nicolet in 2009. She had been Superintendent of the state Department of Public Instruction prior to coming to Nicolet. She says she loves the school and the Northwoods and enjoyed the work put in by the communities for the college...

"....I will greatly miss all the wonderful relationships that have been formed, and to be part of such a dynamic and great community that rolled up their sleeves when the economic recession really hit....."

She says the early vision by Nicolet leaders to fuse liberal arts studies with occupational skills is a strength....

"....you have to know how to problem solve, you have to know how to work collaboratively, you have to know how to research and study and acquire knowledge. All the things you learn in a liberal arts education, as well as apply that knowledge through the technical and occupational training......"

Burmaster says technical colleges are increasingly being seen as an asset to Wisconsin's future economy...

"....we have to make sure that that is sustained because a lot of the things we've been able to do during these hard times without raising the tax levy has been because of grant funds. We've been very aggressive in going after state and federal grants...."

Burmaster says things have changed in Frederick, Maryland since she left to pursue her career, but it has maintained it's history and agriculture and it's beauty and is looking forward to beginning work there in August.