Conference Reveals New Alzheimer's Efforts

Jul 16, 2013

Credit Alzheimer's Association

Some significant announcements are coming out of a national meeting on Alzheimer's Disease and a local spokesperson says more are coming.

The Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Boston this week made headlines this week says Diana Butz from the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association...

" of the big things that came out this week is the relationship between Alzheimer's Disease and cancer and what their finding is if you have Alzheimer's you have a lower rate of cancer(and vice versa)...."

Butz says the conference shows the latest research and discusses ways to get funding to further the work...

"....their talking about Genome sequencing. Their talking about how to collaborate with medical centers to create ways of early detection. Their talking about new Alzheimer's therapy targets, the cancer and chemotherapy link, Their talking about cognitive health as a public issue...."

Butz says one discussion point is getting the federal governement to agree to pay for a new test of brain amaloid imaging that Butz says will reveal early on whether a person might be affected.