Consultant Hired To Look At Rhinelander DT Study

Jun 11, 2013

Brown Street
Credit Natalie Jablonski

The Rhinelander city council has hired a firm to do a downtown economic development and Brown Street Streetscaping study at a cost of $32,000.

The council hired Vierbicher Associates of Reedsburg to do the work.

Council member Mark Pelletier said the consultant will look at a number of aspects of re-doing Brown Street...

"....this is just the first step. The $32,000...we're looking at as $5,000 stormwater, $5,000 water, $5,000 sewer and $15,000 grant and grant application..."

Vierbicher will work with the city to get a Community Development Block Planning Grant to partially fund the multi-million dollar work.

MSA Professional Services...with an office in Rhinelander... also had submitted a proposal to do the work.