County Lake Associations Will Meet Friday

Jun 9, 2014

Six county lake associations are meeting on Friday in Rhinelander.

Each county has its own rules for protecting shorelines, so each may face different issues.
Credit Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

It’s a meeting that happens every other year…so groups can share ideas about protecting shorelines and waters.

Bob Martini is President of Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association.  He says counties face very different situations depending on how protective shoreline ordinances are.  But some issues are shared. 

“On the other hand everybody is facing invasive species, especially Eurasian water milfoil.  And the series of problems associated with not only preventing those species from getting in the lake in the first place, but in the hundred or so lakes in Oneida County that already have invasive species, what do you do to control them or eradicate them?” 

A keynote speaker at Friday’s conference will talk about the impact of water on northern Wisconsin’s economy. 

Martini says he wants all residents to understand the impact of water quality on property values and funding for local government. 

“Obviously lakes are important ecologically, they’re important socially, they’re important aesthetically – but for every individual even if you don’t care about those other factors – the economics of water in Oneida County is important for each individual.”

Board members of county lakes and rivers associations will attend.  But it’s open to the public. 

The conference is Friday at Nicolet College from 9 a.m. till noon.