DNR Mobile Phone Link For Anglers

Sep 7, 2013

Cellphones and fishing
Credit gizmodo.com

Anglers with mobile phones can grab information on inland fishing lake regulations.

The DNR is out with a new mobile-friendly website.

Fisheries biologist Joanna Griffin says the DNR completed an inland lake regulation database. With a little tweeking, the database was setup for portable phone use...


"....just recently we released a new link that can actually detect whether you're on a mobile device or not. You can use it to search for particular waters by lake or county...if you have your GPS enabled, it will also tell you the five closest lakes to you at that moment...."


The searchable guide to fishing regulations is on the DNR website under "Weekly News".

The one problem could be a lack of cell tower coverage in the remotest lakes in the Northwoods says Griffin.