Driscoll Rd. Development Approved By City Council

Jun 24, 2014

Rhinelander city hall
Credit Royalbroil-en.wikipedia.org

Six, 12 unit apartments at the end of Driscoll Road were approved by the Rhinelander city council Monday evening, but some near by residents don't like it.

Premier Driscoll Road LLC asked the city for needed permits to build the apartment complex. Local residents objected to the possibility of many more cars heading up and down the narrow street next to a cemetery.

City Administrator Blaine Oborn says the council and the developer worked out a development agreement. He says they listened to the concerns of residents along the road...

"...it's making the road a little more urban so there were some concerns. Some local residents were there. I could value their concerns with the increase in traffic on that road. The width is only 22 feet it's a city-inherited town road. Our minimum width is 28(feet) so there's some expansion there..."

Oborn says the city will put in an appropriate water main costing $114,000. Oborn says the water extension could see additional connections in the future. The sewer remains private. The developer will expand the road width in front of their land to 28 feet. Oborn says if the road is damaged during construction, the developer will reimburse the city.

Oborn says the complex is expected to be open within a year and a half.

The vote was 7-1 to approve the development agreement.