Forest Co. Board Rejects Park Referendum Vote

Aug 20, 2014


A split Forest county board Tuesday failed to pass a resolution putting a ballot question before voters in November concerning a controversial off-road park plan.

The resolution needed a majority vote to pass, but the vote split evenly at 10-10, with one supervisor absent, meaning the question failed to pass.

To get on the November ballot the question had to be approved soon.

An off-road park group has proposed Forest county work toward purchasing private timber lands to construct the park. Proponents say it will be an economic boost.  Funding the project has remained unclear, and opposition arose to the proposal. Opponents say the funding could leave taxpayers with the bill.

In the hope of getting a clearer view of public opinion, the matter was placed on Tuesday's(8/19) agenda to authorize whether the county should move forward with the matter. Since the matter did not pass, it will likely not be on the November ballot.