Governor Signs Bill Extending Boulder Shooting Range Lease

Dec 15, 2013

Example of a shooting range


One of the bills signed by Governor Walker last week allows the Boulder Junction Shooting Range to extend it's use of state land to 30 years from the current 15.

State Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Swearingen authored the bills in each chamber in Madison to make the change.

Swearingen says he and Tiffany were approached by the club to help them out of a possible problem...


"....currently they are under a 15 year lease with the DNR. They would like to make some improvements to the shooting range. Their concern was if they spend those resources there would be a risk of non-renewal of the land....what this bill does is extend(the lease) from 15 years to 30 years..."

Swearingen says the Range has been extensively used...


"....they use it for many things. Shooting leagues, turkey and bear hunting clinics, Boy Scouts, the Lions Clubs events, and law enforcement agencies in Vilas county as well..."

Swearingen says the club is hoping to provide better handicapped accessibility, a new septic system, and expanding the clubhouse and range.