Health Dept.: Vaccinate In Time for School

Aug 7, 2013

Health officials are urging parents to make sure their children are up to date on vaccines before school starts. 

Local health departments are urging families to check on their kids' vaccination statuses.
Credit Centers for Disease Control

Laurel Dreger is a nurse with the Vilas County Health Department.  She says kids and some adults who have already been vaccinated may be due for a booster shot. 

“Parents can check with their health care providers or the public health department in their area, and we will look up their children’s records and let them know if they might be needing some shots before they enter school in the fall.”

Children ages 4-6 typically need booster shots for several vaccines, and older children may be due for an update as well.  Dreger says getting vaccinated helps protect others who can’t - like infants or the elderly who may have weakened immune systems. 

“Part of our getting immunizations ourselves as older people is we protect the ones that cannot be fully vaccinated, because we don’t carry disease.  By having a generally healthy community, you’re kind of protecting the more vulnerable people in the community as well.”

Dreger notes vaccines and booster shots are available through the local health department or private health providers.