It's A Summer Switcheroo At The Gas Pump

Jul 13, 2017

Almost the same cost as back then.
Credit Pixabay

It's the peak of summer in the Northwoods and traditionally, gas prices should be at their highest. Not this year and probably not for the forseeable future says a gas price expert.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for the gas price watchdog website gas buddy dot com(, Patrick DeHaan tells us the latest prices...

"...statewide, gas prices are up just slightly in the last week across Wisconsin. Prices bottomed out right around July 4 slightly higher than $2.22 a gallon. Today the average is about $2.23 so not a huge increase...."

DeHaan says even with the slight bump, it's still some of the cheapest gas prices of the year. He says that is odd, because rising demand in the summer usually spikes gas prices. He says a relatively quiet year with refinery issues has kept the gas coming, and production continues to be at high levels. He says oil prices remain stable...but that could change..

. "...OPEC decided they are going to meet..a special meeting on July 27, two weeks from today. That could have an impact on gas prices moving forward. It's not known what they have in store. Will they cut oil output, or will they ramp up output. That's hard to guess. I would certainly be on the side that they will cut down production yet again...."

Several stations in southeastern Wisconsin have prices in the $2.05 range.