Kemp Station Gets Approval For New Forestry Classroom

Aug 15, 2016

Construction is underway
Credit FACEBOOK: Kemp Station

A new Education and Outreach Center has been approved by the state at the UW-Madison's Kemp Natural Resources Station on Lake Tomahawk.

Kemp Station Superintendent Scott Bowe says they're building a new forestry classroom...

"....Through the generousity of Dudley and Mary Connor, they funded the building through a private donation. The classroom is something we really haven't had before. We have had small classes where we can have small classes in, but the new Connor Forestry Center will be able to hold groups of 100 or more...."

The resolution gave Kemp the authority to accept a gift in kind of $900,000. Representative Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander is a member of the state Building Commission which approved the the new center. Swearingen says while the legislature is out of session now, the state Building Commission meets each month. This month they met at the State Fair in Milwaukee...

" I was happy during that meeting to approve an education and outreach center for Kemp Station in Woodruff. It's going to be a 4,500 square foot facility...."

Officials say the addition will help with will improve meeting space which is not insulated and limits its use during the winter. Kemp Natural Resources Station is a research and teaching facility operated by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Kemp Station’s 235 acres support some of the last remnants of old-growth forest in the Lake States. Several other distinct ecosystems are found on site.