Kovac Seeking Financial Help to Keep Planetarium Open

Apr 18, 2017

 Frank Kovac built a two ton, 22 foot diameter globe behind his house in Monico over 10 years ago, and borrowed more than $100,000 to build it. Kovac hoped he would make enough money from admission fees to pay the debt off, but he says the slow winter traffic has been sinking his business. He says spring and summer months are usually busy, but if nothing changes he plans to put his creation, his land and home up for sale some time during the fall. Kovac started a fundraiser in late 2015 that only raised a couple thousand of his $100,000 goal. He says he’s confident his community will pull through this time around…  

 “…It’s not just “neat,” it’s historical. It’s the largest mechanical globe planetarium in the world, and there’s something to say about that. This is the only one in the whole world that portrays the night sky with beautiful glow-in-the-dark paint where people when they sit in there they’re so overwhelmed they say 'where’s the ceiling? It disappeared.' That’s why it’s so unique because it’s home built too. It has a lot of heart and soul into it and it’s known as one of the top attractions in the Northwoods.”

 Kovac says he will have to make a decision by September about whether or not he will sell the planetarium. He says he can’t speak to the future of it, but says should a new owner take over they should have an appreciation of what the planetarium is and what it means…  

 “…The person who might acquire it, might have other plans. Other than that I can’t see the planetarium being disassembled and just having someone for their own enjoyment. It’s a museum rather than someone’s private attraction. I would say it would continue, and I think that’s what someone would want to do…”

 Kovac has a Go Fund Me account set up. He’s raised nearly $6,500 of his $100,000 goal. For more information visit his Facebook or Go Fund Me page