Large Public Response To Lincoln Co. Puppy Mill

Dec 24, 2013


Lincoln County humane society officials are thanking the community for their support as they handle the puppy mill situation.

Fifty-six adultĀ dogs and puppies were surrendered Saturday to the Lincoln County Humane Society and workers have been scrambling to find places to put them all. Board president Patrick Hoerstmann says the community response has been amazing. "Right now we just have an overwhelming outpouring of support from the public. It's finally slowing down a little bit. It's been a constant stream of people, I've never seen our parking lot so full."

Hoerstmann says they're happy to take any and all help and donations that people are willing to offer. "People bringing in donations, blankets food, all sorts of things like that, making monetary donations. It's just amazing the way the public came out to support us in this situation."

The Society is hoping to get the puppies and dogs new homes, but won't be rushing things. Hoerstmann says they're working to get the animals ready for adoption. "The veterinarian was in to check up on a lot of them especially the little puppies so we can get those out to foster homes as soon as possible so it's healthier for them. And we're just going to keep moving forward with this."

There's also the issue of ownership. Hoerstmann says they still need to legally take control of all the animals. "We have to make sure we follow all the proper procedures, so if people want to come and visit the dogs, they're able to do that during our normal business hours."

The Society is posting updates on the situation on their Facebook page and on their website.

--Raymond Neupert WSAU